Big Brother 22 — The Situation In The House

by Lisa Marie Bowman on September 27, 2020

Hey, everyone!

So, this has kind of been a boring day in the Big Brother House. Cody has the veto and it does not appear that he’s going to use it. Memphis has been talking about how they need to target David after this week, which I guess means that Kevin is still the Committee’s target this week.

However, a lot of people in the House are angry with David right now because, during the veto, he chose to go for a prize instead of trying to win the veto. (Just like during the HoH comp, the HGs could play for either power or money.) David won $10,000 and Cody and Dani have been acting like it’s just the worst thing that’s ever happened in Big Brother history.

Apparently, they feel that, by not playing for the veto, David was giving up and saying that he didn’t care about trying to win the game anymore. But since David has been targeted since week one and is about to lose his only ally in the House, why shouldn’t have David gone for the money? I mean, if you know you’re time is nearly up, you might as well try to get some sort of prize out of the experience. David, for his part, told Cody that he went for the money because he wants to give it to charity and that he’s still definitely playing the game.

For a while today, Cody was so mad at David for “giving up” that it sounded like he might switch targets. On top of that, Kevin went up to the HoH room and apologized for snapping at Cody before the nominations. However, after talking with the other Committee members, it appears that Cody is now back to feeling that Kevin has to go first.

As far as Thursday’s triple evictions are concerned, David might be safe if Tyler wins HoH. Earlier today, Tyler and Christmas both agreed that David should be kept around and that Dani and Nicole are bigger threats. While I’m pretty sure that Tyler would do whatever he wanted as HoH, Christmas might be more easily swayed by the other members of the Committee. So, at this point, it appears that Kevin is going to go first and then David is going to have to hope either he or Tyler wins HoH. Eventually, no matter what happens, the Committee will soon have to start turning on each other.

We’ll see what happens,

Lisa Marie

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Big Brother 22 — Finally! Here’s Who Won The Veto….

by Lisa Marie Bowman on September 27, 2020

Hi, everyone!

Sorry for the late update. I didn’t want to post anything about the veto until we had a winner and the veto comp ended up lasting about six hours. Apparently, it was the OTEV comp. The players were Cody, Kevin, David, Tyler, Enzo, and Nicole.

Anyway, I’m not sure why the veto took so long. I’m guessing that maybe Dr. Will was involved in some way and that caused it to take longer than usual. Still, the important thing is that the feeds have finally come back and I can now tell you that….


Cody has been talking about wanting to backdoor Christmas this week but that plan pretty much went out the window after he and Kevin had their little argument on Friday. Kevin is now Cody’s number one target and I doubt Cody’s going to change his nominations. So, Kevin will probably be the first of the three houseguests to be evicted on Thursday. To be honest, I think Kevin’s ready to go.

Still, you never know. David might say the wrong thing or Kevin might somehow make a deal at the last minute. We’ll see what happens!


Lisa Marie

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Big Brother 22 — Week 8 Nominations

by Lisa Marie Bowman on September 25, 2020

Hi, everyone!

When the feeds finally came back last night, Cody was the new HoH. As such, when he announced his nominations earlier today, it wasn’t a shock to discover who he had picked.

Once again, David and Kevin have been nominated for eviction.

Kevin is definitely Cody’s target. Before the nomination ceremony, Kevin and Cody had an argument in the HoH room in which Kevin basically accused Cody of acting as if the world revolves around him and his game. Kevin’s frustration was understandable. He’s been on the block nearly every week since the game began. He’s tired and he’d fed up.

However, even as Cody has been planning on getting rid of Kevin, he’s also been thinking about what he’ll do if the veto is used. Cody and Dani agreed that Christmas would be the obvious replacement nominee. Cody is now so annoyed with Christmas that he’s said he might just go ahead and ask everyone to vote for her if she does end up on the block. Of course, that was before he and Kevin had their little fight.

So, as of right now, it’s once again David and Kevin on the block. The veto is tomorrow and, if we believe the words of Dr. Will, the houseguests will be able to choose between winning prizes or winning power. How many people will actually play for the veto and how many will just be trying to win a prize? We’ll find out soon!

Lisa Marie

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Big Brother 22 — About Tonight

by Lisa Marie Bowman on September 24, 2020

Hi, everyone!

So, the west coast showing of Big Brother just ended and now we’re waiting for the feeds to come back on so we can discover who the new HoH is.

Here’s what we saw tonight:

Da’Vonne was evicted from the House, by a vote of 5-2. Only Dani and Nicole voted to keep Da’Vonne. Did they vote for her to try to make up for lying to her about who voted to evict Ian or were they just trying to make themselves look good to the people watching at home? Neither Nicole nor Dani seemed surprised when Da’Vonne was evicted and no one seemed to be too shocked by those two votes so who knows what the motivation was.

In the goodbye messages, both Tyler and Nicole told Da’Vonne about the Committee and the plot to vote out Ian. That’s called jury management. Da’Vonne, however, did not seem to be impressed by Nicole saying that she wants to be friends outside of the House. Da’Vonne — who voted for Nicole to win Big Brother 18 — told Julie that she considered Nicole’s lies to be personal. She asked Nicole who she voted for because, according to Da’Vonne, she didn’t want to incorrectly accuse David on national television. Nicole lied to her face several times without hesitation.

What you didn’t see on tonight’s show is that Da’Vonne learned about how Nicole voted long before the goodbye messages were aired. There was a wall yeller on Tuesday who shouted that Nicole had voted to evict Ian. Da’Vonne heard the yeller. Unfortunately, since the feeds were down for 21 hours yesterday, we don’t know if Da’Vonne and Nicole ever discussed it.

The BB Legend living next door turned out to be …. Dr. Will Kirby! Dr. Will is apparently going to be dropping in on the houseguests several times over the next couple of days and it sounds like he’s going to be involved in the HoH comp and the veto comp. Dr. Will said that, during the comps, the HGs will have to choose between prizes and power. Watching the HG’s reactions to Dr. Will, I’m pretty David didn’t have the slightest idea who he was.

Next Thursday — TRIPLE EVICTION! That’s right — not one, not two, but THREEE EVICTIONS! That should be fun …. in theory, at least. I imagine David and Kevin will be the first two evictees but after that, the Committee will have to start turning on each other. It’ll be interesting to see who they end up going after.

(My personal predictions is that the three evictees will be Kevin, David, and …. I’m going to say Christmas. Even her own allies have been talking about how tired they are of listening to her talk.)

Well, the feeds are still down and they may be down for a while if Will’s involved in the HoH comp. Whenever they come back, I’ll post the name of the new HoH in the comments.

Lisa Marie

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Big Brother 22 — It’s Time Open Up The Diary Room!

by Lisa Marie Bowman on September 23, 2020

In case you haven’t heard, the feeds have been down all day today. As of this writing, it’s been over 16 hours since we’ve seen what’s going on inside the House.

Before the feeds went down, there was a trespasser outside the house who reportedly yelled, “Nicole flipped on Ian, Day!” I don’t know if the feeds are down as a result of that or if anyone even understood what the yeller said. It’s entirely possible that the feeds could be down because of a comp or maybe a former HG visited the house. There’s no way of knowing right now. We’ll find out tomorrow, I guess.

Speaking of tomorrow, it’s time to once again open up the Diary Room! Who do you vote to evict this week?

Do you vote for….




Let us know in the comments below or by voting in the poll over on the right side of the page! Then, be sure to watch the show on Thursday to see who will be the second member of the jury!

Happy voting,

Lisa Marie

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Big Brother 22 — The Feeds Were Down

by Lisa Marie Bowman on September 22, 2020

Hi, everyone!

Well, this is probably going to be my least interesting post of the season because the feeds were down for most of today. Judging from the conversations that are going on in the House, they weren’t down because of any sort of twist or anything like that. It sounds like it was more because some plumbers came into the house to fix a clogged sink in the kitchen.

The feeds are back now. Da’Vonne and Christmas had a conversation, where Christmas basically told Da’Vonne that she was probably going to be voted out on Thursday. Christmas also said that she wanted to hang out with Da’Vonne outside of the House so that Da’Vonne could “educate” her. I don’t know if Christmas is being sincere or if maybe she just realized that the live feeders have seen and heard Christmas say some really negative things about Da’Vonne over the past few days. (Christmas is still angry over being a Have-Not.) It was a nice enough conversation but mostly it seemed like Christmas was trying to do damage control and Da’Vonne was trying to give Christmas the benefit of the doubt.

And …. well, that’s pretty much it. Sorry. When there’s no feeds, there’s not much to report. But right now, it seems like Da’Vonne is pretty much set to be voted out on Thursday.

Let me mention one thing that has bothered me about the last few seasons of Big Brother. It seems like, once the veto meeting is held, everyone stops campaigning and they just accept their fate and then they wait around until Thursday comes around. I miss the old Big Brother, where people would be campaigning up until the eviction vote. Unfortunately, with the unanimous voting and the whole attitude that everyone has to do what the HoH wants, it seems like the Houseguests no longer really fight to stay in the house. I mean, these are All-Stars, right? All-Stars should never be passive.

Well, I refuse to give up hope! At some point, the Committee is going to have to turn on themselves and hopefully, we’ll actually get to see some of these houseguests start to put up a little bit of fight, rather than just accepting that the HoH gets whatever they want.

Here’s hoping!

Lisa Marie

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Big Brother 22 — Week 7 Veto Meeting Results

by Lisa Marie Bowman on September 21, 2020

Hi, everyone!

The veto meeting was earlier today and Tyler did not use the veto. So, Da’Vonne and Kevin are staying on the block and Memphis will not get a chance to backdoor David this week.

After the veto meeting, Da’Vonne had a conversation with Dani, Nicole, and Kevin. Da’Vonne said that she knows that she’s going to be leaving on Thursday. She told Kevin that she wants him to win HoH and for him to shout, “This is for Da’Vonne!,” which is understandable. She also wants Kevin to protect Nicole and Dani, which is not.

Somehow, Da’Vonne has yet to figure out that Dani and Nicole are the ones who betrayed her on Thursday. Da’Vonne is still convinced that David is the one who voted to evict Ian. She has also convinced herself that Nicole and Dani are her strongest allies in the House. Little does she know that, behind her back, Nicole has been talking about how much she is looking forward to Da’Vonne leaving because apparently it’s just too much stress having to lie to her day-after-day about how Nicole voted.

Da’Vonne has said that she might call out David for voting for Ian. Nicole and Dani both tried to talk her out of that because they’re worried that someone might tell her the truth, that Nicole is the one who voted for Ian. Instead, Dani and Nicole’s plan right now is to tell Da’Vonne what really happened in the goodbye messages.

The rest of this week should be predictable. Da’Vonne has said that she probably won’t campaign because there’s not any point to it. She knows she’s going. The only real suspense right now is whether or not she’ll attempt to call out David before she goes.

As always, we’ll see what happens!

Lisa Marie

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Big Brother 22 — The Day Before The Veto Meeting

by Lisa Marie Bowman on September 20, 2020

Hi, everyone!

Well, tomorrow, the House will be holding the veto meeting. Memphis has nominated Da’Vonne and Kevin for eviction. His original plan was for the two of them to serve as pawns so that Memphis could use the veto to take one of them down and backdoor David.

However, Memphis did not win the veto. Tyler won the veto and Tyler doesn’t want to get rid of David. Tyler wants to get rid of Da’Vonne, largely because he knows that Da’Vonne wants to get rid of him. At first, Memphis was obviously annoyed that Tyler won the veto and probably wasn’t going to use it but, as of right now, it appears that Cody and Tyler have convinced him that it’s more important to get rid of Da’Vonne this week than to get rid of David.

So, in all probability, Tyler will not be using the veto tomorrow and Da’Vonne will be going home on Thursday.

Da’Vonne, oddly enough, seems to be putting more blame on David than on Memphis for her current situation. She is still convinced that David is the one who flipped on the plan to vote for Tyler and force a 4-4 tie on Thursday. It was Nicole who flipped by Da’Vonne is convinced that Nicole stayed loyal and, in fact, she believes that Nicole would have used the veto on her if Nicole had won it.

(Nicole has told Dani that she would not have used the veto and, in fact, she specifically threw the veto comp so she wouldn’t be put in that position.)

Da’Vonne and David had a long conversation today while sitting in the backyard hammock. David again protested that he had not betrayed Da’Vonne and Da’Vonne once again accused him of lying and said that it was his fault that she was about to get voted out.

On the one hand, I feel bad for David but, on the other hand, he made a huge mistake when he lied about using the Disruptor power on himself. When he lied about that, he lost Da’Vonne and Kevin’s trust because there was no reason for him to lie about that, especially not to them. So right now, it’s very easy for both Kevin and Da’Vonne to believe that David betrayed them. Meanwhile, David keeps trying to explain that it had to have been Nicole who betrayed the plan. David’s right but he hasn’t been able to convince either Kevin or Da’Vonne. Strangely, David is more convincing when he lies than when he tells the truth.

It’s a mess. And speaking of messes, Christmas is still complaining about Da’Vonne making her a have-not. Christmas keeps asking Da’Vonen why she’s upset at her. Does Christmas not remember that she nominated Da’Vonne for eviction? Da’Vonne finally told Christmas that she’s through discussing it so Christmas, of course, went to Nicole and Dani to complain. Christmas apparently thinks that, when Da’Vonne said that she wanted a woman to win, that means that Da’Vonne was pledging never to make Christmas a have-not.

Finally, Nicole is currently upset because Zingbot came by the house for the veto comp and said that Nicole has an annoying voice. Nicole has been asking everyone in the House if her voice is annoying.

The veto meeting is tomorrow! I don’t expect Tyler to use it so we’ll see soon if I’m correct.

Lisa Marie

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Big Brother 22 — Week 7 Veto Comp Results

by Lisa Marie Bowman on September 19, 2020

Trying to keep up with Memphis’s train of thought is proving to be not that easy.

When he first took over as HoH, Memphis indicated that David was his target. Then he made a deal with David, in which David would not use the veto even if he won it in exchange for not being nominated. Memphis went on to nominate Da’Vonne and Kevin for eviction and he indicated that Kevin was now the target.

However, today, when they drew the players for the veto comp, Memphis drew Tyler. Both Kevin and Da’Vonne drew Houseguest’s choice and they selected Dani and Nicole to play. Memphis apparently saw this as an indication that David had told Kevin and Da’Vonne about his deal and Memphis has now decided that he wants to backdoor David.

So, we’re back to David being the target. Memphis talked to Dani and Nicole and suggested to them that they should throw the veto so that he could win it. Since neither Dani nor Nicole want to get any blood on their hands, they were fine with that.

However, Memphis did not win the veto. Instead, Tyler won it. Before the veto comp, Tyler was complaining to Cody that Memphis was letting being HoH go to his head and he also indicated that he would probably not use the veto if he won it.

Tyler just had a meeting with Memphis and Memphis pretty much left it up to Tyler as to whether or not to use the veto. If Tyler does use the veto, David will be going up as a replacement nominee. If Tyler does not use the veto, Da’Vonne will probably be voted out.

In other words, it’s all up to Tyler. Though Tyler was telling Memphis that the HoH should have the final say, there’s little doubt that Tyler would prefer to get rid of Da’Vonne instead of David. If I had to guess, I’d say that the nominations are going to stay the same.

We’ll find out if I’m right on Monday!

Lisa Marie

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Big Brother 22 — Week 7 Nominations

by Lisa Marie Bowman on September 18, 2020

Hey, everyone.

So, in case you missed it, Memphis is the new HoH. He won the puzzle comp last night and he is now in charge of the week. That means that, after the brief chaos of last week, the Committee is now once again in control of the game.

Memphis made his nominations todays and they’re not really a shock. I will admit that, when Memphis first won HoH, I thought he would target David but, earlier today, he offered David a deal. He offered to not nominate David if David promised to not use the veto in the event that he won it. David agreed and they shook hands.

With David no longer an option, Memphis nominated Da’Vonne and Kevin for eviction.

Big shock, right? How many times has Kevin been nominated now? It’s only week 7 and this is the 4th time that he’s been nominated. If he doesn’t win the veto and, if David keeps up his end of the bargain with Memphis, this will probably be Kevin’s last week in the House.

In other news, the fall-out from Ian’s eviction continues. Da’Vonne and Kevin actually think that it is more likely that David flipped his vote than Nicole did! (David voted to evict Tyler. Nicole was the one who flipped.) Apparently, David and Da’Vonne had a huge argument about it last night while the feeds were down. That perhaps explains why David currently appears to be more interested in working with Memphis than with either Da’Vonne or Kevin.

Anyway, we’ll see what happens. The veto comp is tomorrow!

Lisa Marie

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