Big Brother 24 — Week 4 Nominations

by Lisa Marie Bowman on July 29, 2022

Hi, everyone!

If you enjoyed this week’s blindside, look out!  They’re might be another one coming up!

Last night, Monte won the HoH comp.  Monte is now safe.  Joseph and Terrence, as his festie besties, are now safe as well.  And, even more importantly, The Leftovers are still in charge of the House, despite the fact that Daniel, Nicole, Terrence, Alyssa, Indy, and Jasmine have yet to figure out that the other alliance exists.  You would think that Ameerah getting blindsided would be all the tip-off that they needed but …. well, I guess sometimes it’s hard to see what is right in front of your eyes.

Earlier today, Monte nominated Indy and Alyssa for eviction.  However, Monte also lied and told Jasmine that his main goal is to backdoor Taylor.  Of course, the goal really is to get rid of Nicole, who would automatically go on the block with Taylor.  Even though Taylor’s been on the block quite frequently, she’s said has also said that she wants Nicole to go this week so that Taylor can join Alyssa and Indy’s bestie group.  As much as I hated the Festie Bestie twist when it was announced, it’s turning out to be a pretty effective way to blindside people.

If Nicole or Taylor wins the veto, Monte seems to want to get rid of Indy over Alyssa.  However, that could change because Kyle wants to get Alyssa out of the House because he feels that her attempts to have a showmance with him are bad for his game.

And, of course, Daniel remains a huge target as well.  Every member of the Leftovers has agreed that they’d rather get Daniel out pre-jury.

So, right now, things are up in the air but the Leftovers are safe for this week.  The veto comp is tomorrow!



Tonight, after all the houseguests voted, Julie announced, “By a vote of 7-4, Ameerah …. you are evited from the Big Brother House.”

Ameerah was stunned.  Terrence, who thought he was going home was stunned.  Daniel, Jasmine, Nicole, Alyssa, and Ivy were stunned.  The members of the Leftovers pretended to be stunned.

And me?  Well, I was cheering.

Seriously, this was the first eviction episode in a long time that truly felt like Big Brother for me.  The vote was not unanimous.  The arrogant people who thought they were running the House were stunned.  The Leftovers pulled off a true blindside and how long has it been since we saw one of those?  In one night, the balance of power has shifted in the house.  This is what we watch Big Brother for!

Now, I know that Ameerah told Julie that she had a feeling that she might be voted out.  Ameerah was lying.  At no point, up until the vote was announced, was Ameerah worried.  She didn’t even bother to pack all of her bags before the eviction.  Before the feeds went down for tonight’s show, Ameerah asked Terrence to root for her once he was out of the House.  Ameerah was totally caught off guard.

There was one unexpected vote.  Daniel voted to evict Ameerah, despite not being a part of the Leftovers or even knowing that a blindside was being planned.  He decided to do that two days ago because he didn’t want Terrence to be voted out unanimously.  It was a sympathy vote but now, there’s a good chance that Jasmine, Alyssa, and Indy will no longer trust either him or, because their so close, Nicole.  Will they be smart enough to figure out that the Leftovers exist?  Probably not.  As Nicole made clear in her goodbye message to Ameerah, she still thinks this game is Guys vs Girls.

Because his “festie betsie” was voted out, Terrence had to pick a new set of besties to join.  He selected Joseph and Monte.  What his means is that if either one of those three are nominated, the other two will be on the block as well.  If either one of those three wins HoH, the other two will be safe as well.  Joseph and Monte will have to be careful to keep Terrence from finding out about the Leftovers because there’s no way Terrence would keep that a secret.

The HoH comp is taking place right now.  The feeds are down so I have no idea who is winning but I’ll post the name when they come back!

Lisa Marie


Hi, everyone!

We’ve got a very big eviction night to look forward to on Thursday.  If everything goes as planned, the person who is voted out will be taken totally by surprise.  It will be the first true blindside of the season.  (Pooch was upset but he really wasn’t blindsided because, apparently, he was told that he was going to be voted out right before the vote.)  The Leftover are targeting Ameerah and Ameerah doesn’t even realize it.  She thinks that Terrence is going to be evicted and Terrence thinks that he’s going as well.  There will be plenty of shocked houseguests on Thursday.

So, with all that in mind, it’s time for us to open up our own diary room!  Who do you vote to evict?  Do you vote for….




Let us know by voting in the poll over on the right side of the page or leaving a comment!  And then be sure to watch on Thursday for what should be an exciting episode of Big Brother!


Big Brother 24 — The Not So Happy House

by Lisa Marie Bowman on July 26, 2022

Hi, everyone!

During the 1st week, Paloma (remember her?) spent a lot of time talking about how it was her goal to make sure that this was the season when everyone in the House would get along and love each other and there wouldn’t be any hard feelings amongst the houseguests.  (Of course, she said this while she was also telling anyone who would listen that Taylor was a fake and had to be voted out as quickly as possible.)  During his HoH reign, Paloma told Daniel, “America is going to hate us because our house is going to be so free of drama.”

Of course, Paloma left the House shortly after saying that.  Considering the strain that the game apparently put on her, I’m hoping that Paloma is not watching the live feeds.  If she is watching the live feeds, she’s seeing that her prediction has not come true.  This week is going to be all about drama.

The drama already started with the veto ceremony, when Turner put Ameerah and Terrence up as replacements.  The Leftovers are still doing a pretty good job of keeping people from discovering their existence.  Turner has convinced the rest of the House that Terrence is the target.  The Leftovers, however, are planning on voting out Ameerah and then framing Nicole and Daniel as being the voters who lied and flipped.  Terrence has no idea that this is the plan and he’s currently preparing to leave the House.  Ameerah is so confident that she’ll be staying that she asked the diary room if she could go ahead and record her goodbye message to Terrence, just so she could get it over with.

When Turner put Ameerah and Terrence on the block, he specifically said that he felt Daniel and others had been bullying Taylor since the game began.  Daniel did not take this well and this led to him and Taylor having a huge argument, during which Daniel raised his voice to Taylor.  Daniel later apologized to Taylor.  Taylor accepted his apology but now, as a result, Daniel will probably be next week’s target if the Leftovers manage to retain power.

Kyle, meanwhile, would like to get rid of Alyssa because Alyssa has got a huge crush on him and is always talking to him and Kyle’s worried that the other members of the Leftovers won’t trust him if he doesn’t get Alyssa out of the House.  (Alyssa, needless to say, is not a member of the Leftovers.)  Alyssa is telling everyone how much she likes Kyle and how she wants to have a showmance with him.  Meanwhile, Kyle is planning to get her out of the House.  There’s no way that won’t lead to some hurt feelings.

We’ll get to see the veto ceremony on the show tomorrow.  It should be a good one!

Lisa Marie


Big Brother 24 — Week 3 Veto Meeting Results

by Lisa Marie Bowman on July 25, 2022

At the veto meeting, earlier today, everything went according to plan.

Michael and Brittany took themselves off the block.  Now, most of the house expected that Turner would do what he originally claimed he was going to do.  They thought that he would put up Nicole and Taylor for eviction and then Taylor would be the target.  However, what the rest of the house doesn’t know is that there is a new alliance called The Leftovers, involving Kyle, Michael, Monte, Joseph, Brittany, Taylor, and Turner.  And they’ve decided to target Ameerah.

So, at the veto meeting, Turner stuck to the plan.  After Michael and Brittany came down, he nominated Ameerah and Terrence for eviction.  The rest of the House was shocked.  Terrence is livid, especially since he thinks that he’s being targeted.  What he doesn’t know is that Ameerah is the target.

The members of the Leftovers all did a good job of pretending to be as shocked as everyone else.  They’re letting the House believe that Turner came up with his plan on his own and Turner is telling everyone that he only nominated Ameerah and Terrence because he’s never talked game to either of them.  Because Turner has a reputation for being a bit flaky, the rest of the House seems to be willing to believe that he decided to do all of this on his own and not as a part of some master plan.  So, not only did the Leftovers manage to pull off a huge surprise today but they also did without anyone else realizing that the alliance exists.

All in all, it’s been a pretty successful day for The Leftovers.


Big Brother 24 — Catching Up

by Lisa Marie Bowman on July 24, 2022

Okay, it’s been a weird week but I think we’re all caught up now.

As we saw on tonight’s show, Pooch was evicted unanimously and not particularly happy about it.  (Despite Monte, Joseph, and Turner saying that they would vote to keep him, all three of them decided to be boring and go along with the House.)

The Duo Twist was then sprung on the houseguests.  Big Brother calls it the Festie Bestie twist but, listening to Jasmine repeat the term over and over again tonight, I will forever think of it as being the “Betsy Wetsy” twist.  Essentially, everyone has been teamed up with someone else.  The HoH’s partner is safe for the week and the HoH’s job is easier because if one houseguest is nominated, that means that their Betsy Wetsy is nominated too.

So, Turner nominated Brittany and Michael and the plan was to backdoor Taylor.  That’s where tonight’s show ended.

Yesterday, at the veto comp, Michael and Brittany won the veto.  So, they will be coming off the block.  However, the plan has changed.  Kyle has formed a new alliance, called The Leftovers, made up of players who feel like they’ve been left out of the big alliances.  The Leftovers are Kyle, Turner, Monte, Joseph, Michael, Brittany, and Taylor.  Now that Turner is in an alliance with Taylor, he will not be nominating her.  Instead, he will be targeting Ameerah, which means that Ameerah and Terrance are going to go up.

Now, what’s interesting is that the Leftovers have so far done a very good job of hiding their existence.  No one outside of the alliance knows that they exist and, as a result, the other houseguests all think that the plan is still to put Taylor and Nicole up as replacements.  So, assuming that Turner doesn’t get scared, there should be a lot of drama tomorrow.

Nicole, by the way, has not enjoyed being partnered with Taylor.  In fact, they absolutely hate each other.  Nicole apparently exploded Taylor yesterday, telling her that all of her troubles were her own fault.  So now, Taylor wants Nicole gone and Nicole wants Taylor gone.  But neither one wants to find out what happens to the other Festie Bestie when their partner is voted out of the house.

Anyway, it should be interesting tomorrow!

Lisa Marie


Big Brother 24 — Week 3 Nominations

by Lisa Marie Bowman on July 22, 2022

Hi, everyone!

So, even though the eviction will not be shown until Sunday, the feeds are back up and this is what we know:

Pooch was voted out.  From some of the comments that I’ve heard, it appears that Pooch did not exactly leave gracefully.

The new twist is that the houseguests have been paired up.  I’m not totally sure what it means, beyond the fact that the HoH’s partner cannot be nominated.  I’m not sure if everyone got to pick their own partners or if it was a random draw or what.  Here are the duos:

Alyssa and Indy
Ameerah and Terrance
Brittany and Michael
Daniel and Kyle
Jasmine and Turner
Joseph and Monte
Nicole and Taylor

The HoH Comp was won by Turner and, ever since the feeds have come back, Turner has been talking about how his HoH is all about getting revenge for Pooch.  Apparently, he blames Taylor for Pooch being evicted so his plan is to backdoor Taylor.  Earlier today, Turner nominated Brittany and Michael for eviction, with the plan being to use the veto to save one of them (probably Michael) and put Taylor up as the replacement nom.

So, it sounds like we are once again back to everyone hates Taylor.  Michael, for his part, would probably like to keep Taylor but, if he wins the veto, there’s no way he’s not going to use it on himself.  Right now, Turner, Joseph, and Monte are feeling pretty confident about getting rid of Taylor but they are worried that Brittany might not trust Turner and might snap and lose control.

The veto comp is tomorrow!


Big Brother 24 — Let’s Open Up The Diary Room For Week 2

by Lisa Marie Bowman on July 20, 2022

Well, it’s that time of the week!

It’s time for you vote for who you would evict from the House this Thursday!

Would you vote for….

TAYLOR, the Pageant Contestant


POOCH, the former Backstage Boss?

Cast your vote in the poll over on the right side of the page or even in the comment section below and then be sure to watch the show on …. SUNDAY! 

That’s right — in case you didn’t already know, Big Brother will not air on Thursday.  Instead, on Sunday, we’re getting a two-hour special, featuring the eviction, the HoH comp, and the new nominations.  Feeds will be down for four days to so, unless something changes, there’s a chance that I won’t be posting against until Sunday.

Until then, happy voting!

Lisa Marie

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Big Brother 24 — Scheduling News

by Lisa Marie Bowman on July 19, 2022

Hi everyone!  The big Big Brother news today is not about what’s happening inside the house but, instead, what’s happening outside of it.

Eviction episodes usually air on Thursday.  This week, Thursday is going to be taken over a live primetime congressional hearing.  Originally, it was announced that the eviction episode would instead air on Friday.  Today it was announced the eviction episode will actually air on Sunday, as a part of a two-hour special episode.  (I assume the first hour will be eviction and the 2nd will be the selection of the new HoH and the nomination ceremony.)

So, as of right now, Big Brother will be airing on Wednesday, as it usually does.  However, after that, it will not air on Thursday or Friday.

Here’s what’s bad about this.  The feeds always go down before the eviction and they don’t come back up until after the eviction has been aired on the West Coast.  That means that we will not have live feeds from Thursday evening to basically the end of Sunday.  So, we will all be in the dark.


As for what’s happening the House, Monte has figured out that Pooch may be in trouble and he’s trying to rally all of the men to vote to keep him.  Joseph seems likely to vote to keep Pooch.  Terrene also seems like he might be possibility.  However, Michael has told Ameerah that he definitely plans to vote to evict Pooch and Kyle is leaning that way as well.  So, even though Pooch suddenly seem to be pretty confident about his chances of staying, it looks like Pooch will be evicted.

Eventually, we’ll see what happens!

Lisa Marie

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Big Brother 24 — Week 2 Veto Results

by Lisa Marie Bowman on July 18, 2022

Hi, everyone!  Just a quick update, because the second veto meeting of the season was held today.

Taylor and Pooch are on the block.  Jasmine in the HoH.  Pooch is the target.  Michael won HoH and had the option of vetoing one of Jasmine’s nominations.  And though Michael did appear to give some thought to using the veto on Taylor, he ultimately decided to play it safe.  Michael did not use the veto and the nominations remain the same.

The other big news is that Thursday’s eviction show has been preempted.  Due to the primetime Congressional hearings, the eviction show will now air on Friday.  I don’t know if it will be a live eviction or if the eviction will take place on Thursday and just not air until Friday.  (If Pooch does have an extra day to campaign, he better take advantage of it.)  If the eviction is on Thursday but not aired until Friday, that will basically mean that the feeds will be down for two days straight!  Grrrrrr.  Not happy about that.

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