Week 3 Nominations Revealed; Dick’s Strategy Clear

by soonerryan on July 20, 2007

Today is Jameka’s birthday. For her special day, the school counselor from Maryland got … ?

Uh, well, she didn’t get nominated. That honor has gone to Jen Johnson and Kail Harbick. It’s no surprise that Dick went after these two, and he made it clear that he would. Furthermore, tonight, he’s made it clear that he’ll nominate Mike if either Jen or Kail wins the PoV.

In a conversation with Mike, Dick outlined his distaste for Zach as well. Apparently, the 30-year-old business owner from California is prone to saying super-creepy things, such as references to “soiled panties.”

I’m not sure of the context, but it didn’t sound good. In fact, Mike said he’s taken Zach aside to try to get him to not creep people out so much. My gut hunch is that Dick is open to a Zach nomination should Kail or Jen win the PoV.

Either way, Daniele, Eric, Jessica, Jameka, Amber, Dustin and Nick are completely safe. Of course, as I say this, Dick and Zach have a fairly deep conversation in which Dick opens up about the death of his father from Alzheimer’s.

Zach notes that he’s only experienced the death of a loved one once. In fact, he had to ask Dick what a pallbearer was. Dick explains that as he got older, he realized that funerals weren’t for us, they’re for the families. I mention all of this to underscore my contention that Dick has become sort of a parental figure to all the houseguests to a certain extent.

Sure, he can be brash, but I also think houseguests respect him. So far, at least.

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