Highlights Of Post-Vote Live Feed, Day 20

by soonerryan on July 19, 2007

Only got to watch the live feed for like two hours, but I’m thinking that I should really be surprised by that statement. Surprised that I watched the feed for two hours. Man, this is addicting.

Here’s what stood out:
1. The houseguests spent the better part of the first couple of hours awaiting food. Once it came, they chowed on pizza and pasta, and the non-slop eaters were quite gracious about letting those who had been on slop get their food on.

2. Evel Dick got to see his HoH room, which included a personal letter from his mother, who apparently is an ordained minister. Did I hear that right? Alas, his mom said she hoped Dick could use this time to mend things with Daniele.

3. Jen apparently has word that Dick does not plan to nominate her this week. After she ditched the unitard, she apparently slipped this to Kail, sending the 37-year-old mother into paranoia deluxe. She’s talking to Mike telling him that she and he are going up on the block.

4. At some point during dinner, Dick gave a speech that included a sentiment that this week wouldn’t be nearly as crazy as last week. Uh, not for him it won’t.

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