Update/Show Recap 8.01

by Big Brother Blogger on August 1, 2006

Today’s Events and Happenings:.
Diane pleaded her case to George and Marcellas. Thye seemed like they would vote to keep her. (However, she needs one more vote, and I don’t think CT or S6 is budging. I may be wrong.) Meanwhile, Danielle told Howie and James to stop cussing so much. (James is pretty bad with the f-word, but Howie’s sex talks occur nearly 24/7.)

Diane says that if she’s evicted, she’s not sure if she wants to come back into the house if someone is. Meanwhile, Mike and Will had a little talk (more like a whisper). I believe Mike told Will that Danielle and James were with them to the end. (Hmm… does this mean that CT will vote with them?)

Outside, Howie begged George and Kaysar if he could pluck their ear hair. (I’m sorry, but this guy has gotten weirder by the day. Get him an HoH so he can be serious for once!) Janelle and Kaysar talked strategy for a bit. Now they are saying that evicting Diane is a risky move. (Then why did you put her up Janelle? Wasn’t that the whole point– to evict her!) Janelle says she wants to evict Marcellas soon. They both think James is getting too annoying.

James then works Howie on turning against Janelle. Kaysar joins, and he starts telling him the same thing! (He is a SNAKE, get him gone! You should have put him up, Janelle!) Later, Howie tells Janelle everything about his and James’ talk. Janelle is shocked. Apparently, Danielle told Janelle that she would evict Diane. (That’s not what she told James–another snake here!)

What an exciting morning in the BB house! Danielle was the first one up this morning.

She picked up the house.
She did laundry.
She did dishes.
She cleaned up the kitchen.

Hey, she may be a snake, but other than George, she’s the only one doing anything productive cleaning-wise! In other news, we had a feeds blockage for about an hour between 10:30-11:30 BB time. Currently, James is the only one up other than Danielle. They are currently discussing Snake News. Danielle says that if CT wins HoH (and she said they were going to actually try for it), that Howie and Kaysar will go up. If Danielle wins, she will put up Howie and Janelle. If Marcellas wins, he will put up one from CT and one from S6. James is complaining about Janelle once again. He wants her out.

Danielle and James had another long talk. They think that Diane will be the one going this week, so I assume that they will vote to evict her. (Voting day is tomorrow remember.) He goes on and on about Janelle AGAIN. This time he says that she cheated in the HoH competition where he won. (He apparently thinks that when she wouldn’t give Julie an answer, she was trying to peek around to see his and Danielle’s answer. Whatever, James. Whatever.) He then goes on to say that he is glad that he is not lying this season. (Pfft!! That’s a lie right there! I hope Danielle isn’t buying his snakeness. Then again, she is doing the same thing. But I suppose it’s working. S6 has completely forgot about her.)

Once some other HG woke up, James and Will talked about the vote. He said that Diane is going this week, but Will told him that he hasn’t decided on who to vote for. (He’s playing James here. No way he’d break his deal with Janelle now.) They talk about what might happen next week–nothing we didn’t already know though of course.

A lockdown occured at around 12:50 (to wake the HG up). It lasted well over an hour. The main talk during it was about the movie the HG are planning. Throughout the afternoon, there has been almost no strategy talk. The feeds are currently showing Erika and Kaysar play checkers.

Show Recap:

Who will win PoV? Will it be used on Erika or Mike? Let’s find out…

To kick off the show, Erika and Mike talked in the DR about their being nominated. Erika isn’t too sure why she is nominated, while Mike isn’t too surprised. Janelle’s plan is to use the PoV on Mike and put another floater up next to Erika. Now, here’s what she does. She tells Mike and Will her true plan, while telling S6 her plan is to put Will up should the PoV be used. The floaters realize now that both CT and S6 are coming after them. Meanwhile, they picked players for the PoV comp. Janelle picked Howie (her choice); Erika picked Diane (random); and Mike picked Will (his choice). Wake-up calls will be played throughout the night. Once the announcement of the PoV comp comes, the players have one minute to get to the backyard.

PoV comp: All arrived on time. They all sat in these “electric-chair” type seats. Words will be spelled backwards across a screen, letter by letter. If you get it right when you buzz in, you may choose something to hinder another HG’s performance (eyepatch goggles, music, worms, etc). If you get it wrong, you are eliminated. Once you get three correct, you win PoV. Mike gave Howie music of people screaming. Will was eliminated. Howie gave Diane worms to soak her feet in. Mike did the same to Howie. Janelle gave Diane some eyepatch goggles. Mike got his third correct, therefore winning PoV. Afterward, he kicked one of the goggles (made of glass!), therefore causing his injury. He needed ten stitches.

After the PoV comp, Janelle tells S6 and others that she plans on putting Diane up. Marcellas is shocked. Erika isn’t too happy. James goes off saying, “No more S6! I want Janelle out!” Janelle’s talk with Will sealed the deal with CT and putting Diane up.

Luxury comp: Winners get to see “Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby.” Slop eaters get to eat if they win. Mike is not allowed to play due to his injury. The teams are: Team Shake: Danielle, Diane, James, Janelle, and Will. Team Bake: Erika, George, Howie, Kaysar, and Marcellas. The task is to jump out of a spinning car and perform “pit-stop” tasks on it. They had to wash the windows, put stickers on it, change tires, and such. Team Shake finished in 97 seconds, while Team Bake took 113 seconds. Team Shake wins.

PoV ceremony: Mike uses the PoV. Janelle puts up Diane. She is not surprised.

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