Live Feed Update 7.31

by Big Brother Blogger on July 31, 2006

Today’s Events and Happenings:.
Diane and Mike said the movie they saw was terrible and one of the worst they’ve seen. (This makes BB feel wonderful giving them this as a reward!) Will also said it was bad, but said it was one of the best he’s seen in the DR.

It seems that Janelle wants Diane out for personal reasons (she wrote bad things about her on the Joker’s site), and she feels that CT would vote her out. She then begin telling the rest of the S6, as well as Erika, that Diane will be put up and evicted. After talking to Will, Janelle said that she is most loyal to Howie, Kaysar, and Marcellas (no James?) while Will said he is most loyal to her and Mike. In other news, James told Danielle he plans on putting up Janelle and Marcellas no matter what she does this week. After talking to Will, Janelle ran to Marcellas and told him exactly what she is doing. Marcellas tells her to not put her up and put up Will instead.

Apparently, James got word that Janelle plans on putting up Diane at the PoV ceremony. (I think it’s scheduled for today, but I can’t be sure due to this week’s changing around.) He ranted about him putting up Jase for her, so why can’t she put up Will for him?

Unlike yesterday, the morning didn’t begin until 10 AM with Danielle the first one up. Kaysar was short to follow at around 10:15. A wake-up call from BB came around 10:20 with an announcement of the PoV ceremony in two hours.

Once Janelle awoke, her and Kaysar talked for awhile. Kaysar tells her that Marcellas has been telling the whole house about what Janelle’s plans are. He also thinks that James is planning something with Danielle as he is spending quite a lot of time with her. He tells her to put up either Diane or Will, but not George. Marcellas meanwhile is telling her to do the direct opposite.

Danielle and Erika are gunning for Janie saying that she made personal reasons that weren’t even true. Diane hates her too and thinks she is phony (my question is “What can she do from her couch?”) I think Janie has nothing to worry about as Danielle couldn’t win an HoH to save her life and Erika is easily swayable.

James and Kaysar had a heart to heart about love and life. Kaysar asks James if he misses Sarah?(DuH?) James say he does and can’t wait to see her. Kaysar says that the house as a whole misses their loved ones-noting George mainly

Will, Marcellas, Kaysar had a sex talk in the BY. Will asked Kaysar if the Koran believed in Copper Toning. He said he didn’t know. Marcellas talks about gay Persians saying he meets them all the time. Will asked Kaysar about that too.
PoV Ceremony.

Mike removed himself from the block and in his replace went up Diane(yea get her out!!)

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