8.02 Live Feed Updates

by Big Brother Blogger on August 2, 2006

Today’s Events and Happenings:.
Will went on for nearly an hour about S6, how much America likes S6, how Internet viewers are losers, how anyone who wathces House Calls is a loser, and on and on. Doesn’t that make us all feel loved? Meanwhile, James tells Erika about Janelle’s deal with CT (she didn’t know?) and says that she will probably stay.

Janelle asked James if he talked to Marcellas at all about who he would put up if he won HoH. James said he didn’t know. He then talked to Kaysar about being safe if S6 didn’t win HoH. After Kaysar left, James called him a (fill in the blank here). (Just when you thought he got over Janelle’s move, he does that. Get him gone at this instant!)

The Snakes had another long talk. James said that S6 are sure that the floaters aren’t coming after S6, and he thinks that Janelle’s nomination will be the dumbest move this season. Danielle agrees. Apparently, Marcellas is not part of the Snakes as they stopped talking when he came into the room.

Howie and Janelle had a talk as well. Howie says that if CT comes after them next week, then he will attack them, much like he did the Nerd Herd when Jennifer evicted Kaysar. They also think that Danielle plans on nominating them if she wins HoH. If she does, they will then go after James because he told S6 that Danielle was not coming after them. They think that the Snakes want S6 to get rid of CT for them. (They’re right!) Howie thinks the HoH comp will probably be an endurance one. Janelle feels bad about nominating Diane, and says she will not turn on Marcellas, no matter what the house tells her.

Finally, a morning worth while to watch in the BB house! I’m actually liking Janelle’s and Kaysar’s new idea to go to bed early and then wake up after everyone else has gone to bed. It gives us something to watch on the feeds 24/7, like the name implies. Here’s all the events happening since my last update:

Janelle and Kaysar were the only ones up this morning until around 10 AM. They made waffles, worked out, and talked about everything but the kitchen sink. After they went into the pool, some other HG arose, including Danielle and Howie. They could not believe they never went back to bed after waking up late last night.

Most of the HG woke up between 10-11 AM as usual. Currently, some of the HG are eating breakfast, while Danielle is beginning her clean up duties for the day. Always exicitng, I know. I haven’t heard any strategy talk yet today. I’m sure it will start soon.
Diane is sick. Erika and some of the other HG think it’s due to the slop. She has rested most of the day. Meanwhile, Erika and Will thought of an idea called “10 VS 10.” Basically it’s the ten HG left after this week versus the first four evicted plus the six who didn’t make it into the house. (I think that would be neat. Will BB take a liking to it as well? We definitely need a new twist soon.)

Like I said, at about 1:30 BB time, Diane came out of the DR saying that they would not be voting today. The HG were wondering why they hadn’t voted yet. Diane said they usually don’t vote until sequester. (She’s right.) Later, Diane went on and on about being nominated. (I guess she never did on Monday, so let’s do it now.) She then said that Howie could have $1,000 of her stipend (money BB gives them each week for still being in the house) and he could touch her breast and butt if he would vote to evict Erika. (Now that’s ensuring her vote! What a [fill in the blank here].)

The HoH camera arrived, and of course the HG all prepared their poses for it. After all the commotion over it, Mike and Will discussed if they should evict Erika instead of Diane tomorrow. Mike said no because they all think that a twist will happen this week (someone returning or something of that nature), so they need to be safe next week. They came up with a code phrase: “Change your flip flops.” If they say that during voting tomorrow, then they will vote to evict Erika instead.

Meanwhile, the rest of the house all thinks some sort of twist will be happening since live votes usually don’t start for a few weeks. Howie’s guess is that whoever comes in goes on the block along with Diane and Erika. The rest of the house votes to evict one of the three. The house says if that happens, they will all vote whoever comes back in to be evicted.

Currently, the HG are relaxing outside. At this point, I think that Diane will still be evicted. I also think that a twist will happen as well tomorrow. I guess we’ll have to wait and see–the live show starts in almost 24 hours! (Not like anyone’s counting down of course.)

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