8.03 Feed Recap

by Big Brother Blogger on August 3, 2006

Today’s Events and Happenings:
BB gave the HG wine and cards to pass the time by as their indoor lockdown began. Overall, not a whole lot of strategy talk happening. James and Diane collectively tried to push Howie into voting to evict Erika. Howie would not budge.

Danielle and James talked about the code word for tomorrow’s live show. I guess that if one of the four (Danielle, James, Mike, or Will) say “flip flops” before voting tomorrow, then they will all vote to evict Erika, thus insuring that she gets evicted. The reason that Danielle was so upset earlier is because Janelle called her a weak player because she has yet to win a comp–HoH or PoV. They talked about who to take out next. If Danielle wins HoH next week, she will take out Janelle. They then plan to take out Marcellas, then Howie in future weeks. Meanwhile, Janelle and Marcellas are in the HoH room talking about Danielle and James. (What a coincidence! Or, maybe not.) They say that Danielle and James say they aren’t liars, but they are actually the two biggest liars in this game. (They are absolutely right!)

Throughout the night, the house was wall discussing possible twists that could happen tomorrow. They still (myself included) have no idea what it could be. They also said that it has to affect the voting since they are voting live tomorrow. Meanwhile, Janelle apparently is suffering from a little depression. She tried going to sleep for nearly two hours, but couldn’t do it. She finally drifted of to sleep (with Howie’s help) at just before 8 AM.

Mike was the first one up at around 9 AM. BB played a wake-up song just before 10 to wake the rest of the house up. Throughout the morning, we have had off and on fire. When the feeds returned at around 10:30, the BB producers were shown in the living room changing some things around there. Other than that, no real news to cover.

Like I said, not a lot happened today, as fire covered much of the afternoon. Usually there isn’t much exciting happening anyway, so it’s really not a lost. As for the news, Mike said that he would try for the HoH today. Will said he would not. Kaysar and Mike had a conversation about having some sort of agreement. Both plan on not putting up each other if either of them wins HoH. They then talk about how big of a floater Marcellas is. Mike says that if he wins HoH, he probably won’t nominate any of S6, but rather Danielle and Marcellas, the two floater “leaders.” He also said that Danielle or Kaysar will probably win HoH tonight.

According to Will, BB told the HG that tonight’s HoH comp will be an endurance one. (Yay! We here who watch feeds love endurance comps because it gives us something to watch–all night.) Show Recap:
Diane was extremely upset that she was nominated, as was Danielle, James, and Marcellas. Marcellas thinks that Janelle wants to target the girls and the floaters. Thus, the floaters plan to go after Janelle. Janelle is upset because she doesn’t know what to do now and isn’t sure if she made the right move at the PoV ceremony. Kaysar thinks that now CT isn’t the target, but S6 is. Danielle, James, Mike, and Will make a pact to get out Janelle as soon as possible. Diane tried to convince the house to vote to evict Erika. She thinks that she can get four votes, but needs five to stay. She is also upset that Erika seems to come over to her whenever she tries to talk strategy with any member of the house. In the talk with Julie, Janelle said that she nominated Diane because she felt she was coming after her. She also said that she likes Marcellas and will try to keep him in the game as long as possible. In the DR sessions, Howie and Kaysar said that Erika is not a threat, but Diane is. James doesn’t think either of the two should be nominated, and Mike doesn’t care which one goes.

Amy (BB3) talked about her relationship with Marcellas. She was very similar to how Janelle is now with him. Currently, they are good friends (Janelle and Marcellas); however, just like he did Amy, Marcellas will do the same to Janelle (according to Amy). In the DR sessions, Will said he doesn’t liek Erika, but likes Diane. Danielle wants to keep Diane. George likes both the HG and doesn’t know who should go. Marcellas said that it is better to keep Erika.

Live vote: Kaysar–Diane, Howie–Diane, Marcellas–Diane, Mike–Diane, Will–Erika, George–Diane, Janelle–Diane, and James–Diane. By a vote of 7-1, Diane you have been evicted from the BB house.

HoH comp: The point of the game is to stay on a huge spider web as long as you can. If any part of your body touches the ground, you will be eliminated. The first five people get to choose one egg. Eggs could be: free week-long slop pass, free pass to cancel someone’s eviction vote, and $10,000. The other two eggs are rotten and contain nothing. This is much similar to last year’s “Pressure Cooker” HoH comp

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