Recap 8.05

by Big Brother Blogger on August 5, 2006

Today’s Events and Happenings:. 

The PoV players are set! You know what that means…startegizing all over the place! Here’s all the news from last night’s BB house events:

Danielle and Marcellas had a talk about the votes. He says that if it’s 4-3 (James evicted), then he could use his nullify eviction vote pass, and then Danielle could send Janelle home with a tie. Danielle said that she’s not making any promises about who she is going to evict yet. Marcellas: “Well I HOPE you would get rid of Janelle over James!” She then talks to Mike about taking people out in the PoV. (They think it’s going to be something where you control the outcome.) Danielle says to take out Janelle, then Marcellas, and then James.

Meanwhile, Kaysar has completely fallen for James’ acting. He is shocked that Danielle put James up and doesn’t understand it. After talking to Janelle, he said he would vote to evict James if it came down to her and James being nominated. Janelle tells him to work with CT to get out the rest of the floaters if she is evicted. Danielle then talks with Kaysar, and she goes on and on about her nominations, how she trusts him so much, and on. It sounded like she implied for him to leave his alliance and join her because the S6 cannot be trusted. (Well, James can’t, thanks to you Danielle, but I think the rest of them can now!) 


James was the first one awake at just before the wake-up call. Like I said, the PoV competition is scheduled for 12:00 PM, which is in just a few minutes. Overall, there hasn’t been much game talk, just a little here and there. 


Sorry for such little happenings…..most of today was spent reading trivia and listening to terrible music. 


PoV Ceremony: 


PoV Comp info–Here’s what I know: Everyone got to play PoV, not the six chosen last night. (That explains why they picked players last night–it didn’t matter.) The comp has something to do with making bets for temptations using points. Whoever had the most points (taking the least temptations) wins. The HG have no idea what each won. All we can do is guess by what the HG say they won. They are currently on an extended outdoor lockdown. A “port-a-potty” has been put outside, so they could be out there for most of the night. 


Janelle won the PoV!!!…GO JANIE!! 

My Thoughts: 


Today was a very boring, nerve racking day for me!! I couldn’t stand the constant in and out fire and the Loud annoying music. I’m excited that Janelle won PoV as she is my favorite houseguest!!…she’s clutch… player in BB history!! 


I think Danielle screwed herself now!!…..she doesn’t get to hear or see anything that is happening plus I think S6 will win HoH next week and they are their target!! 


Marcellas and Erika are NERD HERD part 2…come on all they do is complain and nag!! They say something but never do it…at least Janelle wins!!
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