8.06 and 8.07 Recap

by Big Brother Blogger on August 8, 2006

Today’s Events and Happenings:.  Janelle told Howie that she put the whole house on slop this week and on cots. The house originally thought it was Marcellas. Meanwhile, James whined that he couldn’t take showers. (Well, he can, but he won’t have hot water!) The HG participating in the margarita party (George, James, Janelle, Marcellas, Mike, and Will) got all dressed up for the event. Erika, Howie, and Kaysar could not participate, but could still watch the others get totally drunk. Meanwhile, Danielle was shown throughout the night walking back and forth in her SC room. She keeps muttering things about what to do after she gets out. (This girl is pissed like none other. I have a feeling she will go completely off once she gets out.) The night had a lot of repetition. Danielle was seen crying. Erika and Kaysar seem very depressed. Kaysar doesn’t want to be here. James complained again. The HG continue to talk about the PoV comp. Nothing really new and exciting, overall.  

   Danielle was the first one up at around 9:30 AM. The rest of the HG didn’t wake up until after a BB wake-up call at around 10:30 AM. They also called for an outdoor lockdown to get the restless HG out of bed. (Even though most went to bed between 2-3 AM, they still refused to get out of bed after the wake-up call!) During the lockdown, Erika and James said that someone from S6 must go this week. (Hmm…Last time I checked–James was a part of S6?! Am I wrong?) When the lockdown ended, Will told Mike that he trusts Janelle more than he trusts Erika. He thinks that Janelle would never screw him over, and Erika might do so.    Throughout the afternoon, we had a lot of random talk (and of course random fire to go along with it) amongst the HG. The first strategy talk didn’t come until after 2 PM with James saying he is almost 100% positive that he will not go home on Thursday. (Never say never, James! You don’t even know who you’re up against yet!) After talking more about the PoV, it seems Janelle didn’t put the whole house on slop, but rather a few people. (I think she put Erika, Howie, and Kaysar, but I’m not totally sure.) 

Danielle was originally scheduled to come out at around 5:30 PM, but instead came out of SC at 3:30. (I think BB just let her out because the HG were getting restless and were going to riot again if she was not released instantly.) Shortly after being released, Mike tells Danielle that the house has come up with a deal for her. He says that if she puts up Marcellas tomorrow, the whole house will vote to evict him, and whoever wins HoH next week will not put her up. Danielle immediately rejects the idea. She says she has to put up S6. She then talks to James, and apparently, he no longer wants Janelle out. James: “I can’t put her up next week if I get HoH.” They both agree that they are tired of CT throwing comps and just skating through the first five weeks of play. Moving on to Will now, Danielle says that someone from S6 must go this week. James and Will both think Marcellas should go up. After the talk, Will tells James that Howie doesn’t care if James goes home this week. Erika and Marcellas think that Danielle promised safety to the last four people on the web next to her (Erika, George, Howie, and Marcellas). Meanwhile, Howie thinks that Danielle will nominate Marcellas tomorrow unless she wants to be the new Jennifer. Janelle and Kaysar think that Kaysar will go up. Erika has told him that he will probably go up as well. The floaters have a meeting. Danielle and Marcellas say that if one of them wins HoH next week, then they will not put up Janelle so she won’t have a guaranteed place to play PoV.     

Danielle bragged for hours on end to Erika and Marcellas about how good she did in the HoH comp. (My God! Has she completely forgotten that Erika GAVE HER THE HOH? If I was her, I would be like “Honey, I GAVE it to you!” Jesus!) Marcellas then went on about how Janelle never apologized to him for evicting Diane last week. Later, Danielle and Kaysar talked, and she basically told him she plans on putting him up tomorrow. She said he should have fought harder for the PoV if he didn’t want this to happen. Kaysar seems frustrated with her. (I think it’s a stupid move–she’s basically sealing her fate next week should Howie or Janelle [possibly others] win HoH next.) After their talk, Janelle declared war on Danielle and the floaters. (Yes! This is BB6 all over again! The floaters are just the new nerd herd.) S6 says that they can no longer discuss strategy with any of the floaters ever again. Meanwhile, the floaters all agree to vote out Kaysar when Danielle puts him up tomorrow. Janelle and Kaysar talked. Janelle said that if Kaysar goes up tomorrow, then he should have the votes to stay if they can get Erika and George to vote to evict James. They then say that whatever happens, they are happy to see three out of their four go to sequester.     

Show Recap:     Erika said she wouldn’t give up until she won HoH. (Hmm…that changed in a hurry!) I can’t believe they showed the part where Howie said, “Big boy like spider sperm!” I chuckled. After Danielle talked to Howie about his weight, he said that he will try to work out more. Back to the HoH comp: Will first out. He got a rotten egg. BB announcement: Head and torso must be below the web. James drops out. He gets the nullify eviction vote pass. Mike drops out. He gets to $10,000. Kaysar drops out. He gets the other rotten egg. Marcellas drops out. He gets the slop pass. George drops out. After much pressure from Danielle, Howie and Erika fall nearly simultaneously, leaving Danielle to win HoH. She rejoiced like none other. (Did she forget that Erika GAVE it to her?) 

Kaysar attempted to heal Will’s ailing back. I don’t know if it worked or not. James called Janelle a “Anna Nicole Smith wannabe” and said that she was the dumbest person in the game. (Umm…did anyone know HOW BADLY I WANT HIM GONE! Urgh!) Danielle’s HoH room was more of a tropical palace when I got to look at it better. It was brown, but inviting. They showed the whole Marcellas-giving-George-the-slop-pass-but-not-wanting-to thing. He used it after the HG cheered him on to. (Ahh, another wonderful moment on BB featuring George. They seem to be showing a lot of these.) James didn’t want to go on the block, but agreed considering he could get out Janelle. (Did I mention how much I dislike him?) Marcellas tried to convince Danielle to nominate Janelle and Kaysar, and not James. It didn’t seem to work. She had a long talk with Kaysar, and nothing seem to have accomplished. She keeps saying over and over again that “someone from S6 must go.” Order of keys: Erika, Howie, George, Mike, Marcellas, Will, and Kaysar, leaving James and Janelle nominated  Today’s Events and Happenings:.    

As we get closer to the PoV ceremony, will Danielle’s decision change? Will she stick with   putting up Kaysar? Let’s find out as I roll out the events of last night in the BB house:  Danielle and James had a talk about who to put up tomorrow. Danielle doesn’t want to put up Kaysar but continues to say that someone from S6 has to go home this week. (But it can’t be James of course.) She says that if he would have come to her to strike a deal a couple weeks ago, then she wouldn’t want to nominate him. They also think that S6 and CT have a deal that they will go after the floaters until only the six of them remain. Meanwhile, Erika and Marcellas say that once again they must evict all of S6 before they go after CT.  After talking to Danielle, James talks to Kaysar about the vote. Kaysar is upset that he will be evicted on his birthday. James says that Danielle wouldn’t have nominated S6 if Janelle put up CT instead of Diane last week. After James talks to Will, they both agree that Kaysar needs to go this week.  

Kaysar doesn’t think that Erika would vote to evict him, unless Marcellas convinces her to. S6 will try to work George for a vote. They agree that this week sucks for them. Meanwhile, the floaters have another meeting. Danielle goes on and on about how she won HoH AGAIN! ARGH! Marcellas agrees saying it was the best fifteen minutes in TV history. (What?? Should we have an America’s Choice?) He then goes on to say that Janelle is the worst player in BB history and will never win because she won’t get the jury votes. (Hmm–last time I checked Janelle has won TWO HoH’s and TWO PoV’s. How many have you won Marcellas? Oh, that’s right! NONE OF EACH! ARGH! They make me so mad!)
Mike was the first one up at 8:40 AM. (He’s been the first one up for a while now. So much for Danielle getting up at 7 everyday! She said she did this on one of the previous shows. Ha!) James was short to follow at around 9:05. They talked for a bit. James said that Janelle and Kaysar made themselves targets by targeting the wrong people. Mike then said that Will doesn’t throw competitions, he just doesn’t want to participate. (Isn’t that what throwing is?) James then goes on to say that everyone is upset that Kaysar is leaving. (Then why are they choosing to evict him? Evict James, I say!)  BB made an announcement that the PoV ceremony would be at 12:00 PM. Meanwhile, James got to use his phone call. It was from Sarah. She said that she supports him and everything. James told her that he doesn’t care if he goes home this week because she is all he cares about. (Hear that, HG! He wants to see Sarah! Let him go!)
 Danielle and James talked after the PoV ceremony. They are sure Kaysar will be evicted. (Here’s a note on James’ nullify eviction vote pass: I think he has to use it on someone’s vote before the vote is done. Julie will probably ask him if he wants to use it or not and on whom before the votes are cast. I’m not sure if he will use it or not. My guess is yes just to be safe.)  
There was a lot of campaigning after the ceremony. Kaysar tried to work Erika for a vote. He told her that he tried his best to keep her in the game throughout the first four weeks, Erika says that she knows, and wants to save him, but doesn’t want to suffer any consequences she might get from the floaters. Both Danielle and Kaysar worked George (at different times of course). I’m not sure what he is going to do yet. Erika then worked Danielle to save Kaysar. Danielle went on and on to Erika about how Kaysar must go this week. I don’t know if anything got accompished or not between the two. More and more campaigning–I have no idea what anyone is planning on doing. They all flip their vote every five minutes!  

Mike and Will told Janelle that they plan on actually trying for the HoH next week. After Kaysar and Mike talked, the five promised each other that they will be the final five. By Kaysar’s talk, he believes that George will vote to evict James, leaving Kaysar with five votes to stay, which is enough (even with James’ nullify).
James told CT that he wouldn’t campaign against Kaysar. Will then told him that he would go home then. Later, through a Mike and Will talk, it seems like they are now voting to evict Kaysar. (Honestly, you can never listen to what they say. They change every other second, so I’m not saying who I think they’ll vote for until Thursday.) They then laugh at Kaysar because he might get evicted on his birthday.  Another floater meeting! (These guys are making it so obvious that they are an alliance. They have little meetings have hour!) They said that the vote should be 5-1 (Kaysar out) because Janelle’s vote will be nullified.  PoV Ceremony:
Janelle took herself off the block and Kaysar was put up.


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