8.08 Recap

by Big Brother Blogger on August 9, 2006

Howie, Janelle, Mike, and Will made a music video that I personally thought was highly entertaining. They paraded around the backyard and then danced under the backyard shower. The song they created was something like “Do You Wanna Shower With Me.” I’m sure alcohol played a part in this as BB gave them wine earlier. During this, the other HG just watched and laughed. James seemed annoyed by it. (Imagine that! What a fun sucker!) Danielle and Erika talked about how successful Julie Chen is. They hope they can be like her. They also said that if someone came back, they’d like it to be Diane.

There’s congratulations to be in order–to George for officially becoming a Jedi! Howie anointed him, and George gave a long speech about it. Another quite entertaining segment of last night. Meanwhile, Erika said that if she has to eat slop again, she wants out. After the whole party, Danielle and George talked. George told her that she will have the votes to stay if she gets nominated next week. The rest of the floaters joined them, and they all agreed that they have to win HoH this week to save them from nomination. (No…really?)

The HG tried to use cushions from outside as well as the living room to make nice, comfortable beds. (I’m surprised BB didn’t tell them to stop!) Apparently they turned out pretty well, as some of the HG went to bed BEFORE 1AM! Meanwhile, Mike talked in his sleep once again. He said that he liked Erika. Janelle then asked him, “Do you Erika?” He said, “Showmance with Erika.” Heh.

The floaters had ANOTHER meeting. (I believe that makes 4 today!) They said that James needs to go up next week. (Who says he’s safe this week?) Danielle surprisingly seemed to agree. Erika told the crew about Kaysar trying to work her. She told them that she will vote to evict him though. Danielle hates that Kaysar has to leave, but “it is what it is.” (If I had a nickel every time she said that, I would have enough money to buy gas for a year!) The floaters continue to talk about S6, how they are sad to see Kaysar go, how they hate Janelle, just the usual, yada, yada.

Danielle and Mike were the first two up at 10:10 AM. They made breakfast and talked once again about the vote. They are both sad to see Kaysar go, but someone from S6 needs to go this week and they’d rather it be him than James. (I beg to differ!) Danielle also told Mike that she and James had an “agreement” before entering the house. (Another PSA! My Lord!) Mike said that she was the best person to put James up because she knows what she’s doing, unlike some other HG.

James awoke just before 11, and of course the Janelle trash-talking began between the three. The three also talk about what each got in the PoV comp. (I can’t wait to see this tonight–to see who REALLY got what.) James then goes on how he planned Janelle’s eviction as soon as he got in the house. (I’m not too sure about that one James…) They all agreed that the vote should be 5-1 Kaysar evicted, with Janelle’s vote being nullified.
Erika is acting much like Marcellas did on his first week of slop. She is desperate for food, as this is her first week on slop. (She better pull it together, because she won’t be able to eat until Thursday night!)

An outdoor lockdown was issued just before 1 PM to get everyone out of bed. Howie and Kaysar were still sleeping when the lockdown was issued. When the HG were let back in, the feeds kept zooming in on a missing duck on the bathroom shelf. (I’m not sure what was up with that. Perhaps a twist?) Meanwhile, Mike and Will are talking about how bad they feel about evicting Kaysar this week. (Remember guys–the vote hasn’t happened! There’s still time to change your mind to evict James!)

Janelle and Kaysar talked once again about the vote. Kaysar thinks the vote will be unanimous, with him being evicted because if he can’t get the votes, the ones supporting him should just make it unanimous. Janelle then told Howie and Kaysar that she cannot play for PoV next week. (I can’t wait until tonight’s show to figure this all out!) Kaysar told the two that if he gets evicted this week, to evict Danielle next week and put Erika on slop again this week. He will try to ask CT and others for their votes again tonight.
S6 studied for the HoH comp. (It’s funny how ever since they started studying, there’s been no HoH comps where they have asked questions about previous events of the house. But, you never know…) They continued to say that they must win HoH this week. After the talk, everyone disperses. James talks to Danielle about her season. Janelle talks to Mike about winning HoH on Thursday. George told Howie to watch out for the guys in the house. (I believe he meant CT and possibly James.)

Will thinks that Danielle or George could win any America’s Choice. (Hmm…Maybe George but definitely not Danielle, especially if Kaysar goes this week!) Janelle and Kaysar talked again. She said that she hates Marcellas as well. She plans on wearing her black dress on Thursday since it’s a very black day. (Kaysar being evicted.)

Apparently, Erika swore she saw Alison in one of the mirrors. BB closed all the windows shortly after this. (HMMM…could she possibly be back?!?! Dear God, I hope not!) Howie went on to search the house. (The HG got really freaked out by it.) They think the first four evicted are living in the house somewhere, and BB sent Alison out to scare one of them (Erika). ACK!! There were faces popping up EVERYWHERE in the house, some the HG noticed, some not. The HG are sure someone is coming back now. Past HG have been appearing everywhere (just their faces) freaking everyone out.

Show Recap:
Who will win PoV? And will it be used to save either James or Janelle from eviction? Let’s find out:

Janelle expected that she would be noninated, but was surprised that James was nominated. Mike was not surprised that the two were nominated. The “Legion of Doom” alliance (Danielle, James, Mike, and Will) believe that they have created the perfect plan to evict Janelle this week. James lied to his former alliance about being shocked that he was nominated. The S6 vowed to take Danielle out of the house next week. Danielle and Marcellas celebrated their plan to evict Janelle. Janelle and Kaysar have a feeling that James might be working with Danielle to evict Janelle from the house. James prayed to the “BB gods” that Janelle be evicted this week. Howie and Will shaved themselves. Mike didn’t approve too much. Howie then shaved George. Danielle and George had an emotional talk about their families. George doesn’t think that he can take much more of being away from them.

Janelle is getting annoyed about Howie’s butting into conversations. Time to pick players for the veto competition! PoV players: Danielle, Will, Janelle, Marcellas, James, and Mike. Erika hosted the PoV competition. PoV comp: Players must lie in a grave and not move or speak. All start with 40 veto points. You can accept or reject offers by betting your veto points. Question 1: Who is willing to make the house sleep on cots and have no hot water? (7 points) Question 2: Who is willing to spend 24 hours in solitary confinement? (9 points) Question 3: Who is willing to give up 3 points to earn a margarita party for the house? Question 4: Who is willing to give up 5 points to win a plasma TV? Question 5: Who is willing to give up 5 points in order to win a phone call from home? Question 6: Who is willing to give up 5 points in order to win a trip for two to Aruba? Question 7: Who is willing to put the four HG not playing in the PoV comp (Erika, George, Howie, and Kaysar) on slop for the rest for the week? (8 points) Question 8: Who is willing to give up 7 points to win a slop pass for the rest of the summer? Question 9: How many points are you willing to give up in order to win $5,000? Question 10: Who is willing to not play for next week’s PoV? (10 points)

Punishments and prizes: Cots and no hot water for the house (thanks to Janelle), 24 hours of solitary confinement (Danielle), margarita party for house (thanks to James), plasma TV (Mike), phone call (James), slop for the four HG not playing for the rest of the week (thanks to Janelle), trip for two to Aruba (Mike), cannot play for next week’s PoV (Janelle), $5,000 (Will), slop pass for rest of summer (Marcellas), PoV winner–Janelle.

Janelle seemed a little puzzled about James’ not wanting to gain points, but wanting to lose points. (Hmm…Janelle is right!) Janelle and Will agreed that Marcellas must go this week. James tried to work LoD to put Marcellas up. They showed James’ phone call, as well as Danielle’s misery in SC.

PoV Ceremony: Janelle used the PoV to save herself. Danielle put up Kaysar.

Who will be evicted: James or Kaysar? And who will win HoH? Find out Thursday!

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