Mike’s Gone; Is America’s Player Exposed?

by soonerryan on July 26, 2007

The sequester alliance, if you will, was strong in its front, and Mike was evicted by a 7 to 2 count. However, I was wrong about Eric in that he apparently is obligated to vote as America does. I thought he might be allowed to switch it up in the name of his own safety.

However, is America’s Player now exposed to the rest of the house?

Moments after the live eviction, houseguests started questioning each other. Even on the live show, on CBS, you could hear Dick chiding Jen for voting to keep Mike. Problem is she voted to evict Mike.

Mike’s only ally, really, was Zach. Like the Howie-esque player he is, Zach stayed true to the bitter end, and the good thing for him is that everybody knew it. What will make this weekend interesting is in whether the house figures out who the second vote belonged to, and right now the speculation is on Jen and Nick, both of whom voted to evict Mike.

They don’t know that though, so let the games begin. Dustin is HoH this week after a competition in which the eligible houseguests had to answer questions about their evicted compadres. What this means for sure is that Amber is safe, and theoretically, if the week’s happenings mean a thing, it means Jen, Kail, Nick and Zach are in deep caca, particularly Zach.

However, if the houseguests figure out Eric’s vote, he’s in big trouble. There’s been some talk that he’s two-faced, and he got on Amber’s bad side earlier this week for picking on her mercilessly about something juvenile. Amber’s influence would weigh heavily with Dustin, so it would behoove Eric to play this right.

Did he? Check out this live feed I just captured in which Eric explains his theory of the 7 to 2 vote to Jameka, Amber and Jessica.

Honestly, it was pretty well played, and Eric didn’t even have to lie, although I might have suspected something myself if I were in the house. In other words, in the short-term — well done. But what about the long term? If Nick and Jen are able to gain the trust of the rest of the house on this vote matter, Eric will definitely become a target.

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