Kail Or Mike? Where Do The BB8 Houseguests Stand?

by soonerryan on July 25, 2007


TIME: 7:30 BBT.

DISCUSSION: How will the houseguests vote Thursday night?

It seems we have an unspoken, unformalized alliance in the house right now. Perhaps we could call it the sequester alliance. The houseguests have divided themselves into two groups. One group has Dick, Amber, Eric, Dustin, Jameka, Daniele and Jessica (in absentia). The other is Kail, Zach, Mike, Jen and Nick.

The first group met in the HoH room at length early this evening to discuss strategy going into Thursday night, and they decided loosely to put on a unified front after at first discussing the possibility of throwing a few votes one way or the other in the name of confusion. To keep things not so obvious.

At no point did anybody say, “Hey, this is an alliance, right?” However, it’s pretty clear that this is a group that would like to see itself sequestered together when that starts happening in a couple of weeks. Now, I think the sequestering starts at 9, meaning two of the other five people would be sequestered with them. The reason I believe this is because I’m pretty sure that at least six or seven have been sequestered in the past with the two finalists remaining. In fact, wasn’t last year’s final vote 6-1 or 5-2 in favor of Boogie?

When Dustin steps out to say, “Hey, like it or not, I think I’m voting in this direction tomorrow night,” Dick stops him and says, “Yo, dude, we have to be together on this,” which prompts Dustin to say, “Alrighty then, let’s take roll call. How ya’ votin?”

Now, before you say, “Well, Eric HAS to vote with America …” think about that. He does not have to vote with America. Considering he’s fast becoming the best player in the house and seems to have a growing, unspoken, odd couple alliance with Dick brewing, Eric would be wise to stick with this group for awhile. They seem to really respect his knowledge of the game from seasons past to make astute observations in this game.

Daniele says she’s on the fence, but there’s no way right now she goes against this group’s wishes.

Dick can’t vote, and Zach and Nick are wildcards — wildcards who HATE each other, btw, right now. As much as I would think this is a done deal, if the other group gets wind of the group who met in the HoH room on Wednesday night, we could have ourselves a really close vote. Right now, I think it would be 8-1 to evict Mike, but this meeting — if revealed between now and Thursday afternoon — could change everything.

Stay tuned. I think they’ll have more booze in the house tonight, so it could get really good.

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