Coup D’Etat – New Big Brother7 Twist

by BBaholic on August 11, 2006

Taken from Thurdays August 10th Episode.

Julie Chen-
“I have an announcement to make.
Beginning tonight, there is a *new* power up for grabs that could completely change the course of the game. But, only the person who wins it will know what it is and it will remain a secret to everyone until it is used.
Here’s how you can win this power:
Over the next few days, you’ll be given clues to a well-known phrase that applies to the Big Brother game. Once you think you know what the phrase is, you will disclose your answer in the privacy of the Diary Room. The first person to answer correctly will win this power and could make Big Brother history by shaking up the game like never before.
But, be careful. You will only have one chance to give your answer so please be 100% sure. The winner will find out who they are and just exactly what this special power is one week from tonight.
Everyone, your first clue is waiting for you in the house…..”


What the house guests don’t know is that they can totally change the HOH’s nominations RIGHT before voting takes place.


JT (justaguy) October 18, 2009 at 3:59 am

AC, I’m sure you realize our slight problem now that Saki is out of the bag. p2 comes back and posts at TH2 or Dead End…. breadcrumbs!! Intel compromised! I was thinking of the best way to handle it… and you’re the man for the job… again! 1) Go to both spots and leave a message for p2. 2) Instruct her to not post there anymore…no breadcrumbs 3) Leave a “door” to TH3 at both locations 4) and this is important… after all of that, you need to do a sweep of your own breadcrumbs dropped during the mission.. like I did when moving the mobile treehouse. That should eliminate all traces. Are you up for the challenge? Don’t answer here (I already know you’ll read this)…. this TH will self destruct in 5 posts. Good luck soldier!

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