8.10 Recap

by Big Brother Blogger on August 10, 2006

Today’s Event’s and Happenings:  


Danielle’s and Erika’s talk lasted for hours. They kept going on and on about how one of their group needs to win HoH, Janelle needs to be backdoored, and Howie and James need to go up. The rest of the house has no idea why they have spent nearly the entire night in the HoH room. They wonder if they still are HG. 

Mike and Will had a long talk about who they are going to vote out this week. They are still undecided, but it seems like they plan on voting out James–for now. Who knows what could change today? Meanwhile, S6 talk once again about how much they hate the fobvious they’ve made it that they’re a group. They plan on making a huge scene if one of them wins HoH next week. 

Janelle and Kaysar had a long talk about pretty much everything. Kaysar can’t believe that he’s leaving before sequester–AGAIN. They said they don’t know if they can trust James or not. Kaysar said not to screw things up after he leaves like Howie did last season. (Putting up James and Sarah–two members of the Sovereign Six.) They are also so sick of the floaters and how much they want to get rid of them. (The floaters are the new nerd herd to S6.) 

Janelle and Will talked about who they are planning to go after next week. Janelle said definitely Marcellas, and then either Danielle or Erika. Will said that Danielle needs to go next week. Meanwhile, Erika and Marcellas are worried that nobody in the jury will like them if one of them (the floaters) is in the finals. (They are already worried about that?) 

Mike and Will had yet another talk. Even though the two have an alliance with Danielle and James, Will wants to vote out James this week, and then help whoever wins HoH get rid of Danielle next week. Mike says that he trusts Danielle 100%, and doesn’t really want to vote out James this week. (What do you know? They are changing after only an hour or so!) When Howie and Janelle arrive, they start talking of their “alliance” with them. (I never knew if that fell through or not.) 

The floaters had another meeting in the HoH room–they talked of how bad they all hate Janelle and how she must go if one of them wins HoH next week. Their talk then moves to previous seasons with a mix of Janelle bashing. Meanwhile, apparently, Howie, Janelle, as well as Kaysar are all in this “alliance” with CT called the “misfits.” They all can’t wait until the HoH competition tomorrow. Kaysar hopes he can stay to partake in it. 

After telling Kaysar “happy birthday,” Howie was the last one asleep at 3:00 AM. All HG are currently asleep. Since today is Thursday, expect a lot of fire and not much to say on the updates as the HG will be mostly cleaning and primping themselves for the live show tonight.  

B woke the HG up at around 10:00 AM. Danielle was the only one up before the call as she woke up around 9:50 AM. There has been almost no strategy talk throughout the morning, not to mention the constant fire.  

There was an outdoor lockdown lasting from about 12:30-1:30 PM–looks like another one of those lockdowns to get the HG out of bed. 

James and Kaysar had a long talk. James thinks that Kaysar will return should he be evicted this week, while James will get to see Julie and go home to Sarah. They both think that none of the HG should have never came in with pre-season alliances (including theirs), and wish they could start all over. Apparently, James told Janelle that he was going to nullify her vote. Janelle cannot wait to go off on the floaters if she or Howie wins HoH  


Live Show:  

Kaysar campaigned to Erika to stay in the house. She pretty much rejected him, and he just shrugged her off. James went on about how great his acting was this week. Kaysar campaigned to George to stay at well. George told him he would think about it. He campaigned to Mike as well! Mike said that he trusts Kaysar more than he trusts James and would like to see him stay in the house. Janelle and Kaysar think that James should go this week. They can’t wait to get rid of Danielle, Erika, and Marcellas. 

Mike’s and Will’s mothers talked to BB. (Oooh…this should be good!) Will’s mom said that Will was always thinking and that he always had a girlfriend. She said Will’s talking to Janelle is completely strategy. She said she wants him to stay away from Howie. As for Mike’s mom–he said he flirts all the time, and she confirmed that Erika and Mike have a secret alliance! They both think that the two are great players and are extremely funny. 

DR sessions: Marcellas is thrilled with the nominations, and trusts James more than Kaysar. Will doesn’t trust James at all. Howie doesn’t either. Erika is close to both. George wants to see James go home. Janelle doesn’t want Kaysar to go. Mike is happy with either going. Live voting: James nullified Janelle’s vote. 

Live voting: Marcellas–Kaysar, Howie–James, Erika–Kaysar, Janelle–James (nullified), Will–Kaysar, George–Kaysar, and Mike–Kaysar. By a vote of 5-1, Kaysar has been evicted from the BB house. 

HoH comp: Questions about what the former HG brought to the house. 1st out–George. 2nd out–Marcellas. 3rd out–Janelle. 4th out–Howie. 5th out–Will. 6th out–Mike. 7th out–James. Winner–Erika. But wait–the Coup D’Etat is next! 

Coup D’Etat: Over the next few days, you will be given clues of a well-known BB phrase. Once you know the answer, you can go to the DR to see if you are right. The winner will be announced next Thursday. The first clue: a new pet–a lamb, or a sheep, or…?!! 

Who will Erika nominate? Find out Sunday! 

Note:Feeds are back……and it seems as if they are redoing the HoH 



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