Big Brother 24 — Things Are Moving Slowly

by Lisa Marie Bowman on September 18, 2022

Hi, everyone!

I understand why production decided to do the veto competition early this week.  The show is not going to air on Wednesday (the premieres of Survivor and The Amazing Race are scheduled for that night) so they did the veto comp early so it could be included on Sunday’s show.  That’s understandable but, as a result, there’s now nothing going on in the Big Brother House.  Monte has the veto.  He’s not going to use it.  Taylor, Turner, and Monte are the final three.  Now, we’re just waiting until Thursday.

Here’s what I can tell you.

Brittany is still trying to convince Taylor that Turner was the one who voted to evict her.  Taylor still doesn’t believe her.  Brittany also finally told the other houseguests that she’s a hypnotherapist.  None of them really care.  Brittany has told the house cameras that she’s going to make a pitch to Monte to ask him to save her but she hasn’t actually done it yet.

The Monte/Taylor showmance is continuing, though Monte has also told Turner that he’s not sure that it will continue outside the house.  Monte feels that a lot of the showmance is something Taylor just wants to do in order “to make good television,” and that the two of them won’t have much in common once they leave the house.

And really, that’s pretty much it.  To be honest, the final week in the House is almost kind of boring and this season is proving to be no exception.  Everyone but Brittany knows who the top three is going to be so now it just comes down to whoever wins that final HoH.

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