Big Brother 24 — Things Are Moving Quickly

by Lisa Marie Bowman on September 16, 2022

Hi, everyone!

Things are movie pretty quickly in the Big Brother House.  Last night, after she had only been HoH for a few hours, Taylor was called upon to make her nominations.  To no one’s surprise, she nominated Brittany and Turner.

This morning, the houseguests competed for the veto and Monte won.  So, the nominations will remain the same and Monte will be casting the only vote.  He has told both Taylor and Turner that he will be voting to evict Brittany.

For her part, Brittany has been lying to both Taylor and Monte about how she voted on Thursday.  Instead of admitting that she cast the vote for Taylor, Brittany has been claiming that it was Turner.  No one believes Brittany.  If nothing else, her lying has made them even more determined to get rid of her.  Right now, it’s just a question of whether or not they’ll give her a heads up before sending her out or if they’ll blindside her.

So, in short, our final three is pretty much set.  It’ll be Turner, Taylor, and Monte.  If Turner wants to make it to the final two, he’s going to have to win HoH as Taylor and Monte are no longer hiding their showmance and they’ve both talked about how they’re looking forward to going to the final two together.

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