Big Brother 24 — About Tonight

by Lisa Marie Bowman on September 15, 2022

Well, you can’t say that Brittany didn’t try.

Brittany tried to engineer the blindside of the season by voting to evict Taylor.  If Turner had also voted to evict Taylor (and Alyssa spent a lot of time trying to convince him this week), Taylor would have gone to jury.  Instead, Turner kept his word to Monte and voted to evict Alyssa.  This led to a 1-1 tie.  Monte broke the tie and evicted Alyssa.  Monte got out his target but he had to get blood on his hands to do it so he is not happy.

Taylor and Brittany tied during the HoH comp, which led to a tie-breaking question.  (I believe this was the first time they had to bring out the dry erase boards this season.)  Taylor and Brittany were asked to estimate the number of seconds that it took Brittany to win the veto.  Ironically, Taylor is the one who got closest to the correct time and she is now HoH.  That means Taylor is guaranteed to make it to the final three.

It’s also potentially very bad news for Brittany.  Brittany just made things worse for herself by lying to Monte and Taylor and trying to convince them that Turner was the vote to evict Alyssa.  Brittany is not a very good liar and neither Monte nor Taylor believe her.  They both have said that they noticed that, when she came out of the voting booth, Brittany wouldn’t make eye contact with either of them.

As far as who goes this week, it all depends on who wins the veto.  Things aren’t looking good for Brittany but everyone has also agreed that she would be easy to beat in a final two situation so, despite the vote and her subsequent lies, Brittany might still get carried to the finale.

The nominations are tomorrow!

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