Big Brother 24 — Lukewarm Drama in The House

by Lisa Marie Bowman on September 19, 2022

Ugh.  Maybe it’s just because we’re getting close to the end of the season and there’s only four people left but our final few houseguests are starting to get really tedious!  Up until these final few weeks, I was so busy disliking Indy, Jasmine, and Terrance that I never really noticed how annoying everyone else.

Today, Brittany finally approached Monte and tried to convince him to keep her in the House.  Her argument was that Turner could not be trusted and that Turner would probably take Taylor to the final two over Monte.  She also argued that it would be easier for Monte to beat Brittany than it would be for Monte to beat Turner.  Brittany was correct when she said that she would be the easier person to beat at the end but Brittany’s tendency to be condescending came out while she was talking and, as a result, Monte kind of tuned her out.  Monte did his usual thing of saying that he appreciated her approaching him and he promised to think about what she said.  By now, we all know that means that Monte’s made up his mind and nothing’s going to persuade him.  Brittany seems to understand that her approach failed and, after Monte left the room, Brittany spoke to the cameras and apologized to her husband for not playing a better game.

Monte is also a bit upset because he had an argument with Taylor last night.  Apparently, Taylor made some comment about how long it had been since Monte had seen his goddaughter.  I’m not sure how the exact comment was phrased but it upset Monte and it led to him accusing Taylor letting her HoH power go to her head.  He even told her that he could understand why so many other houseguests disliked her.  He said that he felt she was pushing their relationship along too quickly.  Taylor apologized a few times but Monte still collected his stuff and moved out of the HoH room.  So, apparently, that showmance may be over.  We’ll find out later tonight, I guess.

So, as I said, there’s been some drama over the past 24 hours but it’s all kind of tedious and dumb.  By this point, even Brittany seems to understand that she’s not going to be in the final three.  The question now seems to be whether or not Monte and Taylor will honor their promise to take each other to the final two or if Turner now has a shot to be selected.  (Monte has been talking to Turner a lot about his relationship troubles with Taylor.)  Of course, if Turner wins the final HoH, he’s already made clear that he’s going to take Monte to the final two with him.

We’ll see how things develop!

Nancy W September 20, 2022 at 8:57 am

I’m so disgusted with these people! I’m not understanding why the question about Monte’s goddaugher made him mad! 🤔 I believe he was looking for a way to separate himself from Taylor, so he will have an excuse not to choose her for the final two! I believe they used each other to get further in the game. Monte had already told Turner nothing would probably ever come of their relationship after the game! Wow! Brittany has been getting on my nerves lately. But, I hope she makes it to the end. She did alot of the people work for Michael. She gave him alot of ammunition to use. She came so close to being HOH. But, I dont want the rest of them to win. Especially Taylor! Now I don’t like Monte and what he did to get himself there. So I’m stuck with TURNER! YIKES! They can all win or come close to winning against Brittany. So they need to think about that.

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