Big Brother 23 — Week 7 Veto Comp Results

by Lisa Marie Bowman on August 22, 2021

Hi, everyone!

This is just a quick update to let you know the results of yesterday’s veto comp. I apologize for the delay, the feeds were down for almost all day yesterday.

Anyway, the veto was won by Xavier. Xavier will be taking himself down and, of course, Sarah Beth will be nominated Derek X at the replacement. Why of course? Because that’s what Kyland told her to do! Even though Sarah Beth was initially interested in getting rid of Azah if she couldn’t get rid of Derek F., Kyland has convinced her that Derek X is the bigger threat. To be honest, Derek X probably is a bigger threat but still, I’ve lost a lot of respect for Sarah Beth this week.

Anyway, Derek X is going up and the plan now is to get rid of him on Thursday. Sarah Beth was telling Kyland that she hopes someone takes a shot at Derek F. or Azah next week. YOU COULD HAVE DONE IT THIS WEEK, YOU IDIOT!

Anyway, veto meeting is tomorrow!

Lisa Marie

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