Big Brother 23 — Week 7 Nominations

by Lisa Marie Bowman on August 20, 2021

When Sarah Beth won HoH last night, she told the entire house that she was going to be the HoH and that this wasn’t just going to be a repeat of Kyland’s HoH.

Of course, once they were both in the HoH room, Kyland spent four hours talking to Sarah Beth and Sarah Beth ended up doing exactly what she wanted.

Sarah Beth’s originally plan was to nominate the two remaining Jokers, Derek F. and Azah. Of course, since Derek F and Azah are members of the Cookout, Kyland went out of his way to convince Sarah Beth to instead nominate Claire and Derek F. a second time. Kyland sold her on the idea that they could both be pawns and that, after the veto ceremony, they could backdoor a more dangerous player.

So, at the nomination ceremony, Sarah Beth nominated Claire and Derek F. for eviction.

However, during the High Rollers comp, it appears that Alyssa won a veto power. Now, the feeds were down for all of this but here’s what apparently happened. Alyssa used the veto on Derek F. and Sarah Beth nominated Xavier in his place. Claire is very angry because she was convinced that Alyssa was going to use the veto on her. Alyssa, meanwhile, says that Sarah Beth specifically asked her to use the veto on Derek F. Sarah Beth, on the other hand, is saying that she told Alyssa to use the veto on either player and that she thought Alyssa was going to save Claire.

Following all of that? I’m not.

Here’s my thing. Let’s say Alyssa is telling the truth. Let’s say that Sarah Beth asked Alyssa to save Derek F. So what? It’s Alyssa’s veto and Derek F. hasn’t given Alyssa any reason to think of him as being an ally. So, why do it just because the HoH says so? The HoH is just another houseguest!

Then, when the feeds came back, Sarah Beth was telling Xavier that she was sorry for nominating him and that she really hoped that he won the veto and maybe they could backdoor someone this week. Okay, Sarah Beth — do you not have a plan for this week or are you waiting for Kyland to tell you what to do?

Regardless, Claire is angry because now she realizes that she’s viewed as being expendable. And if Claire goes against Xavier or any other member of the Cookout on Thursday, Claire will be sent to jury because the Cookout has the numbers and I don’t see any cracks in that alliance. The only way anyone not in the Cookout is going to make it to the final six is to keep winning immunities.

Anyway, the veto comp is tomorrow! Claire needs to win this veto or Xavier needs to be replaced by someone like Derek X or Alyssa or Claire is going to be in huge trouble.

Lisa Marie

P.S. After spending weeks telling everyone in the House that Sarah Beth was lying about having a girlfriend and that she was actually trying to hook up with Kyland, Tiffany has now seen a photograph of Sarah Beth with her girlfriend. I doubt TIffany will admit that she was wrong.

MargieP August 20, 2021 at 11:55 pm

They are planning a big move that I’m not in agreement with … they are trying to backdoor Derek X. He trusts KY, Hannah and Tiffany way, way to much and tells them more than he should. They convinced him not to play in the game this afternoon. Lets just hope that he get picked for the veto and wins. That’s his only hope.

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MargieP August 20, 2021 at 11:51 pm

I think what happened from what I gathered from the feeds, is there was a third person nominated for the block. This was decided by a twirl of the roulette wheel with every HG name on there and it happened to land on Xavier. Since Alyssa won the ‘game’ she got to pick who came off the block and Sara Beth could not pick who went up it had to be Xavier. I could be completely wrong.

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Cathy Reynolds August 21, 2021 at 12:04 pm

Exactly! I have not been watching this season since the racist started stepping out of the shadows….meaning around episode 3. I cannot stand Tiffany or X. X WAS the 1 I liked the most but since he has made so many racist comment no more. Hanna who I didn’t like at all has grown on me through the little I have seen. I was excited to see a season with a more balanced diverse group of people. However I would like to have seen a little more expanded cultural wise. Could have left the racist out and included a Hispanic, or middle eastern person or 2. I guess though the production was determined to figure out a way that a black person won. Even if it did cause more division….and I’m sure it has..good job on continuing that trend BB.

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