Big Brother 23 — About Tonight

by Lisa Marie Bowman on August 19, 2021

“By a vote of 7-1, Britini, you’re rapping days are over.”

Yes, Britini was voted out of the House tonight, becoming the first juror. She received only one vote to stay, a sympathy vote from Azah.

Though it’s hard to believe now, there was a time when Big Brother eviction nights were truly exciting and suspenseful. The votes used to be close. The campaigns used to go on up until the votes were cast. The pre-eviction speeches used to be a big deal. Thursday night used to be a night that I really looked forward to.

That’s all changed, though. Thursday night’s now tend to remind me of everything that I don’t like about Big Brother. The votes are always predictable and never close. The pre-eviction speeches are cutesy and too often feature the nominees trying to build their brand through forced quirkiness. (Last year, Christmas did poems. This year, Britini rapped.) I dislike all of the cutesy stuff that goes on in the hallway outside the diary room. I can’t stand Julie’s attempts to try to fool us into thinking that anything surprising could happen. I especially hate the shout outs. After Big Brother 20 and Alex Ow doing so many shout outs that Julie often had to get her to repeat who she had actually voted for, I thought the show had finally started to move away from shout outs but this season, they’re back! Tiffany is the worst offender, saying hi to everyone she knows every time she votes. But all of the houseguests have gotten pretty bad about it. Just cast your vote and move on, houseguests!

As for tonight — no surprise, Britini’s gone. Though the Cookout has been talking about how much they want to split up Sarah Beth and Kyland, that’s not happening this week because Sarah Beth is the new HoH! Unfortunately, for those of us who want to see the game get shaken up a little, Sarah Beth is probably going to do whatever Kyland advises her to do.

For instance, last week, Sarah Beth said that she would probably target the two remaining Jokers if she won HoH, specifically Azah and Derek F. But, right now, Kyland is talking to Sarah Beth and trying to sell her on nominating him and Claire for eviction. Kyland is convinced that he can win the veto or that someone else will be willing to use the veto on him. It sounds like Kyland’s plan might be to backdoor either Derek X or Alyssa. Or maybe he just really wants to get rid of Claire.

Meanwhile, Tiffany won’t stop talking about how much she hates Sarah Beth. Sarah Beth’s smartest move would be to get rid of Tiffany but I don’t think she even realizes how much Tiffany hates her.

Nominations are tomorrow! We’ll see what happens.

Joseph August 21, 2021 at 2:07 am

Tiffany and X must be nominated.
This is almost as boring as All Stars last season.

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