Big Brother 23 — Week 7 Veto Meeting Results

by Lisa Marie Bowman on August 23, 2021

Hi, everyone!

I apologize for being late with this update but, on the other hand, it’s nothing surprising.

The veto meeting was held earlier today. Xavier took himself off the block. No shock there.

Sarah Beth had to name a replacement. Xavier, Derek F., and Alyssa all had immunity due to all the comps and the twists that we’ve seen over the past few days. (By the way, having seen last night’s episode, I have to say that the roulette twist and the whole using a random spin to put someone the block thing was one of the stupidest twists that I’ve ever seen on Big Brother. And I’ve seen some really dumb ones.) At the veto ceremony, Sarah Beth nominated Derek X as a replacement. She could have nominated Azah, who she’s been talking about nominating for weeks but Kyland told her that she should nominate Derek X and, as this week has shown, Sarah Beth will do anything that Kyland tells her to do.

So now, Derek X is on the block with Claire and he’s the target. He’s already campaigning to stay. He told Derek F. that he wants to partner up with him. Derek X is going to fight to stay in the House but it probably won’t happen. He’s viewed as being too big of a threat to win the game. Plus, he may have been a member of the Royal Flush but he’s not a member of the Cookout and the Cookout pretty much has total control over the House. Right now, the Cookout is planning on taking Derek X this week, Claire the next week, then Alyssa, and then Sarah Beth, in that order. Of course, most online polls currently have Derek X and Claire listed as the two most popular players in the House so I imagine production is probably having a panic attack over the prospect of losing them, one after another.

So, as of right now, your nominees are:



Derek X

And Derek X is the clear target.

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