BB Legend-In-The-Making Revealed In This Week’s Rankings

by soonerryan on August 5, 2007

Many of you have commented on how boring the Big Brother house has been the past week, even though Friday and Saturday have been quite interesting. This is the point in the game, annually, in which I think dynamics start to change. Even if players aren’t thinking end-game just yet, the strong, sticky alliances — the ones that will last through the heart of the season — have yet to be made.

With that said, some big changes in my weekly Big Brother 8 rankings:

10. Zach (10).
Well, the first entry this week isn’t much of a change. But while Zach has done nothing to improve his position, the decline and fall of other players could serve to eventually make Mr. Dolphin Crash formidable. Just not yet.

9. Eric (5).
The bullets Eric dodged last week have grazed him this week. Whether these wounds prove fatal shall be seen over the next three days. Many of you out there call Eric the most deceptive player in this year’s game, but I’ll remind you that he’s working at our behest. I still say: Cut him some slack because if he’s gone, our role in this is pretty much cut (outside of those of you with planes flying banners over the house).

8. Amber (4).
She’s Ms. Waterworks, crying more than Tammy Faye on those old PTL broadcasts. To some, it shows some sensitivity, but to others, it’s a dire sign of weakness. If Eric has been uber-deceptive, what has Amber been? She really, really reminds me of Erica, but she doesn’t have a showmance, and even her ties to the LNC weren’t that strong.

7. Kail (9).
Kail will be on the chopping block come Thursday AGAIN, and she can’t compete in the HoH for the next five weeks. Yet, she survives. This Thursday will present the other houseguests with their best opportunity to eliminate her, but will they? The Oregon native has turned into one of Big Brother’s most successful pawns, and a couple more weeks of pawn survival could make her legendary.

6. Dustin (1).
It’s not a giant fall from grace for Joe’s ex-boyfriend, but Dustin did himself no favors in last week’s PoV competition. Furtheremore, like Eric, he’s not afraid to stand up to evel Dick. Dustin’s ability in this game will eventually make him a viable back-door candidate.

5. Jessica (6).
Love Jessica. She’s sweet, adorable and, frankly, hot, even if her voice sounds like a cartoon character’s. Nevertheless, she is playing both sides with success, being serious when she needs to be and light on her feet at other times. If she can prove her abilities in future HoH or PoV competitions, she could stick around to the Final 4. However, Jessica has consistently been the second-worst competitor in these things to date, right in front of Zach.

4. Jameka (7).
Jameka’s faith has carried her thus far, and she claims that the Big Brother 8 winner is already preordained by God. But could it be her? She hasn’t made too many enemies after lifting the nomination noose from Jen’s neck last week, and other houseguests have so far respected her decision to stick by her word. I don’t expect it to last, but notice should be served that Jameka is definitely a player.

3. Jen (10).
Like it or not, Jen is a player. She is nominated time and time again and is able, whether it be through manipulation or otherwise, to save herself. Now, she has a loose alliance going with Dick and Daniele, and in true Chilltown fashion, she acts like it doesn’t bug her or phase her one bit, as if she’s not here to win. More and more, Jen is looking like a brilliant player, yet she’s polarizing enough that she could go anytime. Nevertheless, her stock is way up this week.

2. Daniele (2).
She’s sweet, deceptive and she’s got Dick by her side. But is she pulling the strings or is her father? Daniele is more than capable enough in house competitions to keep a position of power week-to-week, and that combined with no chance she’ll ever be targeted by Dick is enough to make her a real threat to win.

3. Dick (1).
I’ll be real here. In real life, there is no chance I’d give Dick the time of day. He’s a villain through and through, on this show, and I suspect elswhere. Not that I wouldn’t have a beer with the guy, but I doubt I could ever be the man’s friend for a moment.

However, he has so far been a master player, and this Big Brother house is his. It’s his world, and the rest of these guys are just living in it. He’s the dictator, the master, and with his competition-winning daughter by his side, he is the show’s most formidable player.

While he prides himself on being open and calling BS as he sees it, he has been a master manipulator behind the scenes, and his ability to make it seem like his manipulation is nothing more than calling a spade a spade makes Dick Donato the best player going right now. He’s the best player. He’s the best television. He is outright a Big Brother star and, frankly, a reality-show legend in the making.

If you have a comment on my rankings or a list of your own, please post it. Heck, I’d love to feature your Big Brother rankings in one of my posts this week or next!

Lisa August 6, 2007 at 2:37 pm


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Mona August 7, 2007 at 11:34 pm

How many religous people out there are offended by Jameka?
She is all high and mighty talking about her fair and how everyone
else lies and turns on each other. I think she needs to look in mirror
she is doing the same thing she may keep her promises but she lies
as will as the rest of them. So when she says someone is going to burn in hell
you can just might be seen next to them.
I’m religous but as preshiy as she is and I know about lies and my 9 yr. old
daughter does to, she wouldn’t lies for any reason.
Amber is another one she uses the water work and get people to pertect her
and munipulate them then when they are nofurther usefull or others
what her to turn against them she does in a second look at Nick.

Dick now Dick is something else. I know he’s loud and can be mean but
he tells it the way he knows it or feels. I like him he is very smart I didn’t
think he was gonna be but he has vigured out allmost everthing.
Goo Dick
I know Eric is America’s player but I don’t like him he lies way to easiy.
I hope he’s gone this week. I don’t see what america’s getting out of
making move for him I think it is boring It’s better when every one plays
for themselves.

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