Jen Works Her Magic; Eric Likely Nominee

by soonerryan on August 5, 2007

Quick update from the Big Brother house …

Jen has truly become the Janelle of BB8, winning the PoV this week and earning her safety for another week. And in a move of delectable deceit, she has entered a pact with evel Dick and Daniele. Now, I don’t think it’s a pact so tight it could be called an alliance, but it’s clear the house dynamics are changing, and it’s clear that Dick and Daniele recognize the player that Jen apparently is — formidable.

As far as the PoV itself, it was a contest in which the houseguests had to give up things along the way. I believe Kail has lost the ability to play for HoH for like the next five weeks, and rumor has it that Jen has given up half the eventual prize money should she win.

Some of the houseguests were “sentenced” to wear bunny suits, and others have been put on slop for the rest of the game. However, the big talk after this week’s PoV was still Eric.

He’s going to be nominated in Jen’s place come Monday.

While I greatly empathize with Eric given that he’s OUR player, America’s Player, I recognize that he’s got to cover some tracks. There was the big argument with Dick on Friday, and since then, it seems the LNC has dissolved.

Dustin, Jameka and Eric are still close, and while you’d think Jessica would be in on that group, she’s really balanced between them and Dick’s group. Finally, Amber hasn’t been a major player in these discussions recently.

However, it’s not looking as bad for Eric this week as it did for Nick last week. First, he seems to have Dustin and Jameka’s support, and I bet that can translate to Amber and Jessica. Sure, if Daniele could vote to evict her showmance, then so could Jessica — but Eric made a solid argument on Saturday that if he should lose a test of character to evel Dick then he should reexamine himself as a person.

Fair enough in real life, but this is the Big Brother house, and while Dick’s deception has been mostly in the open, Eric has deceived as well. The point could be made though that Dick has made his first really deceptive move by aligning himself and his daughter with Jen, if even loosely.

Bottom line: It looks like Eric has the votes right now. Furthermore, according to a conversation between Dustin and Eric on Sunday, Eric will lay it all out on the line if nominated at the PoV ceremony by saying, “You don’t have the votes, and you (Daniele) and Dick have dug your collective graves,” adding to Dustin that he hopes it can fit the both of them so they can continue their “little family reunion” there.

Nevertheless, there is a lot of game to be played between now and Monday. It’s funny from my perspective in that Jen and Kail have survived and survived and survived, while Zach — whom everybody seems to dislike personally — has skated without even a nomination. It could be, and I’m merely hypothesizing, that BB8 could be won again by those who can stay under the radar the longest, ergo Zach, Jameka or Jessica.

Right now, if Eric were to be nominated, the only votes to evict him would come from Dick and Jen. Eric would get Dustin, Amber, Jessica, Jameka and Zach. The problem for Dick is that unless he can work his Dick magic and put so much heat on Eric that the rest of the houseguests feel obligated to evict him, Dick had better hope he gets HoH — otherwise, he’s a shoo-in to be nominated.

My gut hunch though says this is Dick’s house right now, and that still means big trouble for Eric. Let’s see whether a new, stronger, bigger-than-Dick alliance can stick together long enough to make Thursday’s vote a real surprise.

Tony V August 6, 2007 at 2:01 pm

I think Eric is a sly, deceptive, smooth-talker who needs to go home. I know he is “America’s Player”, but I really feel that during the After Dark episodes he is truly out to save his own behind period.
Did anybody watch After Dark last night and hear about the BB8 contestant who has had 4 abortions?? Did anyone hear who that was??

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kriss August 6, 2007 at 5:42 pm


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carol August 7, 2007 at 8:53 am

After Eric is sent packing, PLEASE get Amber out of the BB house . I can’t stand to see her backstab somebody and then cry and cry like she is innocent.

Also, if Jameka isn’t voted off, she will eat all the food in the house. Everytime the camera is pointed to her, she is eating. Anybody else see that ?

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