8.14 Recap

by Big Brother Blogger on August 14, 2006

The HG continued to talk over what the Coup d’Etat power brings. Danielle thinks the power is to bring one evictee back. James thinks that idea is stupid. Danielle and Erika are mad that they guessed so early.Janelle told Marcellas that the others are convincing her that he should be put up, but only as a pawn to get Erika out. Marcellas thinks otherwise and that he will go if he is put up tomorrow. She then tells him that she will put up George, but the others aren’t going to like it. Danielle walks in on them talking, but Janelle quickly says that she was only telling Marcellas the possibility of him going up tomorrow. After Janelle leaves, Danielle and Marcellas begin to wonder why Janelle would leak out her strategy to them. Marcellas said that the worst possibly thing happened again–CT winning the Coup d’Etat.

Will once again tried to convince Janelle to put up Marcellas by flattering her. It seemed to be working. Meanwhile, Danielle and Erika talked about the vote. They agree that Erika would stay if Marcellas went up, but they aren’t so sure if George would go if he was put up.

BB once again gave the HG alcohol, so what happens? Another hot tub party with whipped cream, body lotion, and more! During the whole ordeal, Marcellas told James that he will not nominate James or Janelle should he win HoH next week.

Erika and Mike became VERY close last night. They went up to the HoH bed and made out. The feeds kept going in and out, so not sure on what else they possibly did. (Too bad she has a good chance of going this week…)

Will tried to convince Janelle to put up James and bring it Erika as their new fifth member. Howie and Janelle quickly rejected him saying that James would definitely then work together to take Janelle out. 

Danielle was the first one up today at 7:20 AM (she has been getting up much earlier than normal lately–similar to when her and Nakomis would get up between 8-9 AM when she was in the house). Erika and Mike joined her by waking up at around 9:10 AM. Danielle bragged that she’s been up since 5:30. (There she goes again–she gets up at 9, tells people she gets up at 7…gets up at 7, tells people she gets up at 5. What’s with her?) They talk small talk, hardly any strategy.The usual wake-up call came at 10 AM with BB saying the PoV ceremony would be in two hours. Danielle and George think that whoever goes up will stay considering S6 wants Erika out so bad. James once again told Howie and Janelle that they need to stop celebrating after HoH and PoV wins. Mike thinks Erika will not put up CT. They really want Janelle to put up Marcellas so he will go. When Janelle wakes up, she tells them that she plans on putting up George, which sparks them to convince her to put up Marcellas once again. 

George is still shocked that he was not nominated today at the PoV ceremony. Marcellas thinks that Janelle is picking on “the fag,” and doesn’t like it. Mike and Will aren’t sure who to vote out. Janelle tells them not to tell Erika or Marcellas anything until Thursday. They need some time to think about the best situation.Janelle asked Marcellas if he was okay. He said he was, then Janelle said that he was safe–she will convince the house to vote out Erika. (Janelle still likes Marcellas as a person–quite a bit actually. I think she will be very sad once he is evicted. However, since he is a floater, she doesn’t like his game play, much like the rest of the floaters.)

Mike told Danielle to vote out Marcellas. She said okay, but still needs more time to think about it. She then talks to James, and he plans to vote out Marcellas. However, he’d much rather see George go this week. (Weren’t you convincing Janelle to put up Marcellas, oh I don’t know, ten hours ago?)

George talked to Janelle and thanked her for not nominating him today. He said that if they came to a similar situation (where Janelle needed his vote or something), then he would help her out. He is just unbelivably shocked that he did not get nominated today. (Get over it George! You’re safe!)

James told Mike and Will that if one of them wins HoH, to put Danielle and James up. James will hopefully (in his terms) win the PoV, so they can backdoor Janelle.

And the campaigning begins…both Erika and Marcellas asked George for his vote, which made him even more schocked that he wasn’t nominated. Erika is sure she’s safe because CT won’t vote her out. Danielle agrees. George told Erika he would vote out Marcellas. 

Danielle and Janelle whined to BB saying they wanted some alcohol. The nights get more exciting in the house when they have alcohol, they said.Mike is upset because George won’t commit to anything. He tells Danielle that he thinks he can convince George to vote the way he wants. He says that nobody knows that Danielle and CT have a deal.

Will wonders if there will be another America’s Choice or a luxury competition.

BB gave the HG a “half-way point” party, and George got to eat! They had pizza, cake, and of course, alcohol! However, they started playing music for them so we get some fire! It will probably continue for quite a while. 

PoV Ceremony outcome: Of course, a BB classic, the PoV ceremony did not start until 1:15, 75 minutes after its scheduled start time. Luckily, there was only a 30 minute feeds block. As for the outcome–it seems Marcellas was nominated. George was shocked because Janelle told him he would be the one going up. Marcellas seems very upset. I’ll update if I hear otherwise!

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