8.12.06 Recap

by Big Brother Blogger on August 13, 2006

With the nominations coming a bit later than normal, how will the HG react as we head into the night? Let’s find out…here are the events of the night in the BB house:

As the night went on, it became apparent that Danielle and Erika are indeed nominated. Both expected it and are not worried about it. As this is happening, Howie and Janelle hope that Kaysar is proud of them for winning HoH. Marcellas told James that he promised Erika he’d vote out the other person if she was nominated. Marcellas is also very upset because he thinks the game is rigged towards Janelle winning it.

Marcellas told Erika that if he won PoV, then he would save her. He also thinks that James wants to get rid of Danielle as soon as he can, since she is a threat to him. He also thinks that unless he wins PoV, he will be backdoored should one of the nominees win it. They also said that the fly wasn’t a clue! (Hmm…Apparently a movie of some sort was though…I kind of figured that they wouldn’t give out two clues in the same day.) Danielle now thinks that the sheep represented the “Friendsheep,” so Ivette is coming back this week.

Ahh…do we have an engagement on our hands? I think not, but Will told the HG that Erika and Mike are engaged after they kissed in the hot tub. (I think they like each other, but I’m not sure about the engagement…)

Howie and Janelle had a long talk and they realized that someone told the floaters that S6 is calling them the “Float Herd.” They both think it was Will and that he could be leaking information to them. Will says he might have called them the Float Herd, but hasn’t ever leaked information to them. He says that they shouldn’t trust James as much as they do since he is totally with Danielle. After a long talk (and I mean LONG), Howie and Janelle realize that James might have been playing them all last week because he didn’t try for PoV, even when he was on the block, which doesn’t make sense to them unless he knew he would be safe. At this point, they know that James is in with Danielle, so she has to go this week. 


Danielle was the first one up, shortly followed by James at 9:45 AM. We then had a wake-up call at 10:00 saying that the PoV competition would begin in 90 minutes. The duo talked about who she and Erika were planning on picking should they pick players today. Danielle said that she would pick George, with Erika picking Marcellas. They don’t know if Janelle will still get to pick a person to play or not.

Of course, nobody woke up after the first wake-up call, so there was another, and another. Finally, new life shows up at after 10:30 (less than an hour before PoV now), with George arising. James says that he can hear pounding outside in preparation for the PoV competition. 


The winner of PoV was indeed Danielle. The PoV competition had something to do with taking out others to win. Special guests included April (BB6), Hardy (BB2), Jack (BB4), and Scott (BB5). I know that James assisted Danielle to her win, which made Janelle furious of course. (From last week’s PoV competition to this week’s…James is not doing a very acting job! I think Janelle has seen through the lies however.) Apparently, Mike and Will took out Marcellas as well.

S6 talked about what to do next. They plan on saving whoever gets put up and voting out Erika. I’m pretty sure Marcellas would go up–unless they want to throw George up there. There aren’t too many other choices! Janelle then talks to Will about it, and he volunteers to go up. Janelle said that maybe she could put one of them up to make the floaters think that S6 isn’t with CT. Will said he wouldn’t mind going up, but he is not sure about Mike. After talking to Mike about it, she says that she will put up George because he would definitely not get any votes to be evicted. Mike then says to put up Marcellas to see who Danielle would vote out. Janelle and CT talk about how much a liar James is. 


After a bit of talk after the second clue was released, Howie went to submit his answer to the DR. (Remember–nobody knows if they got the right answer until Thursday. My guess is that it won’t be evident until the third clue is issued–probably Monday or Tuesday.) I think he guessed “Wolf in sheep’s clothing.”

Janelle told George that she plans on putting him up at the PoV ceremony–but he is not the target. George didn’t look surprised. Janelle said that she would try her hardest to make sure Erika is the one leaving this week. Shortly after their talk, Will came up and continued to insist that he be the one going up on Monday. Janelle doesn’t want to nominate him.

The HG got a barbeque today. (I didn’t know the food things started today?) Anyway, George made a huge feast of ribs, steak, and I believe chicken too. The HG seemed to love it. I think George made all the steak BB gave them (which was a TON!), which got the HG a little mad, considering they have no more for later. Meanwhile, the floaters had a meeting over the new clue and who they think will go up in place of Danielle. Erika thinks Mike. They concluded with their usual complaining of competitions and bashing of Janelle.

BB gave them alcohol once again. (It seems they never got this much last season!) The HG tackled it, and of course most of them got pretty drunk. (It does make the feeds interesting 


The Coup D’Etat- 


The first clue given was a sheep/lamb/ewe of come sort with a pink bow around it. According to Will, this next clue is only their second clue, which is a spool of thread and a needle. Hmm…What could it be? I have no idea. 







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