8.11 Recap

by Big Brother Blogger on August 12, 2006

Well, well, well! What a show we do have here! Janelle wins HoH for the THIRD time, so how will the house react? Let’s find out as I tell you what happened last night in the BB house:

Will suggested to Janelle that she put up Marcellas. Meanwhile, Danielle and Mike cannot believe that Janelle has won half of the HoH competitions so far. Howie wants Danielle and Marcellas both on slop this week.

To celebrate, BB gave the HG wine at nearly midnight. James confirmed that there will be a food competition today. (I already knew that though–do to the show promos.) Meanwhile, Danielle and Erika are very upset at the BB production crew, saying that the machinces should have worked the first time, and said it was set up for Janelle to win.

Erika and Mike talked about Janelle winning. Mike said that Erika will be safe this week, and then she will win it next week. Erika isn’t too sure. Mike then talks to James. James said that since Janelle only nominates girls (umm…she nominated Mike last time she was HoH…), that Danielle and Erika will go up tomorrow.

As most of the house goes up to see Janelle’s HoH room (it’s blue, not pink…aww!), Erika and Marcellas have a little bashing Janelle time and complain for hours on end about the HoH comp. She says that she is done with the game and refuses to compete in the food competition. (Then put her on slop! Sheesh!) Meanwhile, Howie and Janelle think that Danielle got the Coup d’Etat correct (Do Not Assume). (I thought at first that Do Not Assume would be it, but I don’t think that it would be that easy. But who knows?) They both feel horrible that Kaysar is gone before sequester AGAIN, how much they doubted James, and how much they hate the floaters, especially Marcellas.

Will came to talk to Howie and Janelle about not putting up Danielle this week. He tells her all kinds of stuff about how James is with her, she isn’t coming after her, and on and on. Janelle refuses every one. (Good for you, Jani!) Will then says to put up Danielle and Marcellas. Janelle said she plans on pulling CT’s keys out last, leaving Danielle and Erika nominated. Meanwhile, guess what? Erika is still going off! (I would be mad too if I won HoH, and then had it taken away from me, but you can’t do anything about it! It’s not Janelle’s fault, it’s BB’s fault, and they know it.)
Each HG must create a food dish for a particular day of the week. However, you must incorporate slop with it. You must complete it in one hour. After you are finished, take it to the backyard where it will be judged based on presentation, creativity, and taste. (1-5 for each thing). If you get 1-9, HG get slop for that day. If you get 10-14, you can eat for that day. If you get 15, you get a barbeque for that day! Ready, go!

They are currently creating their creations. Another update about the Coup d’Etat clues: the second clue was a fly floating in a toilet bowl. Now I don’t see how that could fit in with “Do Not Assume.”

Update (12:00 BBT): As we reach the 30 minute mark, the HG are beginning to frazzle! George and Will are working on desserts. Howie and Janelle are working together as well. Ack! The power just went out in part of the house…oh dear!

Update (12:20 BBT): I believe the HG have about 15-20 minutes left. They have one dish done, six tat are still being made. So far, I think they are good! They have made slop cakes (like crab cakes, but slop instead), and are making two slop pasta dishes, slop cupcakes, slop pudding, slop apple crisp, and slop waffles. They should go to judging soon!

Update (12:45 BBT): Time is up! Howie and Janelle made slop waffles. Mike made a slop burrito. Erika and Janelle made two slop pasta dishes. Danielle made slop cakes. George and Will made slop cupcakes. Janelle and Marcellas made slop apple crisp. Currently, we have fire, so I imagine the dishes are being transferred out to the backyard for judging. Hopefully we will get to see the guest judges as well as the judging itself!

Update (1:15 BBT): We saw thr judging, and the guest judges were Jun (BB4), Marvin (BB5), and Nicole (BB2). They were tough! I don’t know if they liked ANY of the dishes…they either didn’t have enough slop or too much of it…I guess we’ll know the results in a bit.

Update (2:20 BBT): After over an hour of fire, the feeds returned. I’m not sure on the results of the food comp yet. I do know they got another clue during the block–a movie of some sort. Will talked of an upcoming outdoor lockdown with nominations to follow. Nonody is really talking on the feeds currently. I’ll have an update with events occuring from now until the nominations ceremony once the feeds get blocked again.
The HG haven’t really been talking about the food comp scores. According to Erika, the lowest was an 8 (which is low enough to eran slop for that particular day), while the highest was 15 (which earns the barbeque for the day). She says that most of the scores were either 10 or 11. I do know that Danielle’s slopcakes got an 8, while Will’s slop cupcakes got an 11.

James and Will talked. James says that some people from S6 need to go soon. (Well, considering there are only 2 left, I don’t know where he gets the SOME from.) Will doesn’t want Danielle or Erika to win PoV (assuming they will go up today) because then Mike would be put up. (What about Marcellas? I think Mike is pretty far down the line on Janelle’s hit list.) They both want Erika gone this week if it comes down to her or Danielle.

While Will is working James, Mike is working Howie and Janelle! Howie is very sick of Mike throwing comps. (Last night, Mike said he threw the comp to Janelle. I think Janelle would have still beaten him had he not thrown it though. She’s one of the best at that A/B game.) They all agree that Danielle should go this week to get James totally on their side. When Mike left, Howie and Janelle talked about how much they are sick of Erika’s whining and lying. Apparently, she said that they were safe with her. They can’t wait to go off on the floaters. (Why didn’t they do it last night? They had their chance! My guess is because it wasn’t on TV.) They also said that if Mike or Will win PoV and use it, then she will put the other one up.

Mike joins James and Will, and together they talk. They said that if it comes to Danielle and Erika, they will vote out Erika. They say that next week is the perfect opportunity to take out Janelle as she can’t win HoH. They want to vote out Erika, but they need another vote. If Erika leaves this week, then Janelle will know that CT voted her out, and then their deal could be off.

The floaters had another meeting. George thinks that him and Danielle will go up today. Erika asked George that if she went up, if he would vote out Danielle. He told Erika not to worry about her being evicted. Erika still thinks that Janelle winning HoH was completely set up and is totally unfair. After they talk, George thinks that possibly Marcellas could be nominated next to him. According to Danielle, Janelle thinks that they will get to pick players for the PoV comp. Danielle doesn’t think so. They think that Marcellas will have a fit if Janelle nominates him. Danielle knows (or so she says) that Janelle can’t play for PoV this week, so they think only four people will play. (I think that she can still pick someone, but can’t play herself–making five people playing for PoV.) George is sure that him and Marcellas will go up. Erika thinks her and Danielle, while Danielle thinks her and Marcellas. (They all want to be nominated it seems like–send them all home this week!)

Marcellas joins them, and he tells George that he hops he wins the show. Marcellas says that he wants this week to be over now. The floaters began talking about how much they hate each of the guest judges from the food comp. (They are such loving people, aren’t they?) Erika can’t stand Jun, while Danielle isn’t too big of a fan of Nicole. She really likes Marvin though. Danielle then says that she is done complaining and is ready to play the game now. (Finally! That only took a week and a half!)

Janelle just said that they got stuck on slop because of the slop cakes. I’m not sure what day that was, but I’m thinking Wednesday or Thursday. Other than that, I think the HG are good for the rest of the week. I’m not sure what day(s) they got the barbeque (if they even did)!
As the night went on, it became apparent that Danielle and Erika are indeed nominated. Both expected it and are not worried about it. As this is happening, Howie and Janelle hope that Kaysar is proud of them for winning HoH. Marcellas told James that he promised Erika he’d vote out the other person if she was nominated. Marcellas is also very upset because he thinks the game is rigged towards Janelle winning it.

Marcellas told Erika that if he won PoV, then he would save her. He also thinks that James wants to get rid of Danielle as soon as he can, since she is a threat to him. He also thinks that unless he wins PoV, he will be backdoored should one of the nominees win it. They also said that the fly wasn’t a clue! (Hmm…apparently a movie of some sort was though…I kind of figured that they wouldn’t give out two clues in the same day.) Danielle now thinks that the sheep represented the “Friendsheep,” so Ivette is coming back this week.

Ahh…do we have an engagement on our hands? I think not, but Will told the HG that Erika and Mike are engaged after they kissed in the hot tub. (I think they like each other, but I’m not sure about the engagement…)

Howie and Janelle had a long talk and they realized that someone told the floaters that S6 is calling them the “Float Herd.” They both think it was Will and that he could be leaking information to them. Will says he might have called them the Float Herd, but hasn’t ever leaked information to them. He says that they shouldn’t trust James as much as they do since he is totally with Danielle. After a long talk (and I mean LONG), Howie and Janelle realize that James might have been playing them all last week because he didn’t try for PoV, even when he was on the block, which doesn’t make sense to them unless he knew he would be safe. At this point, they know that James is in with Danielle, so she has to go this week.

After an hour of fire, feeds came back. Not much was being said, but as the night went on it became very obvious that Danielle and Erika were nominated.

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