by BBaholic on August 3, 2006

Well we end tonights episode of BB7-All Stars with the Houseguests out on the “Web Of Lies” and Diane Evicted with a vote of 7-1. The winner of HOH will not be anounced until Sunday at 8pmPST but on the Big-Brother-Blog.com you can find out what happened now!

First to drop out of the Compeition was Will 22 minutes in. He chose his egg from the table and unfoutrantly got the rotten egg! Janelle and Will talked in the kitchen while the HOH competion went on in the Backyard. Keeping the game interesting the Houseguest play a game of Match the Actor/Actress with the movie or TV show. Each time the web moves all is quite but they are quick to pick the game back up after they all get comfy (or as comfy as they can). Erika is holding on and staying still trying not to move no matter what direction the web decides to sway. Mike ‘Boogie’ whispers into his mic to the producers to watch Marcellas’s head since it was “Dangerously” close to the red line.


George jokes around saying he should of done the ‘Price Is Right’ instead. Marcellas is grossed out by George passing gas during the compition and Chicken George confess’s his use of Gas EX today. More white gunk is thrown on the House Guests as the hold on to the web. Howie asked Janelle if she has seen Spiderman and she gets called to the Diary Room. She comes back outside with an Evelope that BB has given her. The envelope stated that they can no longer use their bodys to hang on, They can no only use their arms and legs to hang from the web. Janelle gives them one minute to change positions. They also can’t move postions after they find their place hanging from the web.


James is next out of the competition at 1 hour and 54 minutes into the competition, He walks over to claim his egg. His egg revealed that he will be able to nullify a eviction vote if he wishes. Janelle, Will and now James are watching from the couches in the backyard as Kaysar and Mike ‘Boogie’ fall around the same time. (1hour and 57 minutes in). Kaysar claims the rotten egg as Mike ‘Boogie’ wins the $10,000.

Two hours into the competition Marcellas is out, He kicks his egg across the yard and apologizes. Marcellas egg was the Slop Pass. Janelle is cheering Howie on telling him to hang in there. Chicken George is now out of the game at 2 hours and 6 minutes and everyone gives him and round of applause.


The only ones left now are Danielle, Howie and Erika. Danielle is complaining that she is done but is still holding on. Erika and Danielle beg Howie to let go and swear that he will be safe if he does. Howie lets go at 2 hours and 14 minutes. Danielle tells Erika she is safe so Erika lets go making Danielle this weeks new HOH. The competition lasted 2 hours and 14 minutes. Howie was having a hard time getting up off the ground so Will and James go to help him up. Will yells for someone to get him water. Once Howie is up Will jumps onto the Web. James whispers to Mike ‘Boogie’ that Danielle is going to “Cut Janelles Throat”.

In short this is the order they droped off and what they won – Will (Rotten Egg), James (Nullify Eviction Vote), Mike ($10,000), Kaysar (Rotten Egg), Marcellas (Slop Pass), George, Howie, Erika and Danielle with the win!

Mike ‘Boogie’, Will and James are happy that Danielle is in power. The Season 6 team are now in trouble. Find out who Danielle nominates for eviction right here on the big-brother-blog.com before it airs Sunday at 8pm PST.






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