Mike Makes Fatal Mistake; Nick Makes His Move

by soonerryan on July 24, 2007

This week’s PoV competition featured six houseguests standing atop pedastals with giant hats on and what looked to be martini glasses on top of them. The object of the game was to be the last person standing atop the pedastals with the glasses on top of the hats.

Long story short, the houseguests were asked to go outside and taunt the PoV competitors to try to get them to laugh, to shrug, anything to make them fall off the pedastals. Jen won the PoV because Mike taunted evel Dick to the point where Dick threatened to put him on the block if he didn’t quit, and Mike didn’t quit, so Dick knocked off his own glass and nominated him.

In Mike’s eyes, he was being loyal to Kail for the purpose of demonstrating his capacity to be loyal to all the other houseguests. Earlier in the day, he had told the Oregon mother that he would take either Jen or Kail off the block if he won the PoV. Well, when he wasn’t picked to particpate, I suppose he figured this was his way to demonstrate that loyalty.

He thought he scored a coup, even though he knew he could be nominated by acting so brazenly.

He was, and there’s a good chance he’s going home. As of Tuesday night BBT, the votes are stacked against him. However, there are two days to go before what I’m sure will be a live eviction, so let the campaigning begin.

Plus, there’s always America’s Player, Eric, who I suspect will be asked to evict Kail. So, out of 9 available voters, Mike has one vote.

As of right this second, it would probably be 8-1 vote to evict Mike, although I think Amber and Dustin could be swayed.

What stands out this week is just how manipulative evel Dick can be. He and his daughter, Daniele, have grown closer and then fought before she cried on his shoulder before they fought again. Dick has made it clear that their issues wouldn’t be resolved in this house, and Daniele has made it clear to him just how uncomfortable he makes her sometimes.

Left out of this mix is Nick, who I am convinced will beat the living snot out of Dick by the end of the competition. He and Dick had the father-future-son-in-law heart-to-heart where the Minnesota football player says, “It’s not aboot me. It’s aboot your daughter. I really dig her.”

Dick offers the obligatory, “Yeah, well, if you hurt her, I’ll f****** kill you.”

The conversation from both sides is extremely sophomoric, but this is Dick’s modus operandi with everybody. He’s a certifiable nut, and he’s peeved everybody in the house at some point this week.

As for Nick and Daniele, all you have to know is that Daniele’s real-life boyfriend, Kris, has a MySpace page, and he currently lists his mood as “sad.” He also has as his quote, “TRUST IS LISTENING TO THE ONES WHO LOVE YOU AND IGNORING THE ONES WHO DON’T.”

You think that’s directed towards his 20-year-old sweetie? Or perhaps do you think she told that to Kris before she left Huntington Beach for the Big Brother house?

Daniele says she’s crazy in love with her real-life boyfriend, but check out this video with Nick on top of her from earlier Tuesday night.

The campaigning won’t really get buzzing until Wednesday night, so expect some more info then.

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