CBS Polls have been tallied

by BBaholic on July 13, 2007

All results are according to the polls.

Week 1
Love’em or Leave’em

Americas top 3 favorite House Guests
#1 Mike – 17.5
#2 Jameka – 14.3
#3 Dustin – 12.4

I find this odd because they told Carol that she was the
#3 favorite and to try and stay in the game. She ranks
1.8 only leaving Zach (1.4) and Eric (1.6) below her.

Grand Prize
So at this point who does America think will win the grand prize.

#1 Mike – 18.7
#2 Kail – 16.9
#3 Dustin – 10.3

The last player is Eric with 0.7. For anyone who doesn’t watch the live feeds,
Eric has a foul mouth and loves to drop the *F-Bomb* every other word. One of the reasons live feed watchers don’t really care for him. CBS does not show his other side on the TV show. Some house guests have said they would be scared to nominate him because he has bi-polar tendencies.

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