-Spoilers- Read at your own risk, Week 2 Nominations

by BBaholic on July 14, 2007

So the last person everyone wanted to win HOH did, Jen. Not only that but nominations took place yesterday in the big brother house leaving Dick and Daniele the father-daughter on edge. Just as most of us feedsters predicted. Big Brother informed the house guests that they would have to wake at 7AM this morning. The PoV competition took place and Daniele won the veto for the second time in a row. I’m pretty sure she will take herself off, I doubt she would save her dad. The question is who will Jen replace her with? I’m pretty confident Dick will be staying this week. Many house guest have tried to get Joe on the block but Jen thinks it will be a waste of a nomination since Joe is a target and to get rid of him would only leave herself as the target.

Amber and Kail have been hand cuffed together and Jen has a new skin tight red suit that she has to wear, we probably won’t find out why until Tuesdays show.

The food competition also took place. Boys VS Girls in what seems to be a competition that made Eric a little frightening to some of the girls. Daniele commented that he was scary and Joe said he was ‘physically shaking’ mad. Eric later said he didn’t care because he didn’t want to see the girls on slop because of how small some of them are already. The competition seemed to have the house guests guessing ingredients that were placed a pie. They found it difficult because one flavor out powered the other making is hard to guess the other.

Things have been rushed this week with nominations and the power of veto competition being so close together, Could this be a double eviction week like some of the house guests are speculating?

Big Brother Fans Unite! July 14, 2007 at 9:57 pm

Jen being HOH definitely threw things for a loop. Suddenly she’s everyones best friend, well except for Dick. Will be very interesting to see how things play up, as alliances are forming, and people are gunning to get the most powerful people out fast. Now that Danielle has POV, its gonna be interesting to see who goes up in her place should she choose to use it! Very nice blog btw!

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