Big Brother 24 — Week One Veto Competion Results

by Lisa Marie Bowman on July 9, 2022

Hey all!

Today, we had the first veto competition of the 24th season of Big Brother. Daniel is the HoH. Yesterday, he nominated Terrance and Michael for eviction. The three of them competed for the veto, along with Ameerah, Indy, and Turner. After being down for about three hours, the feed returned about an hour ago and….

Michael won the power of veto!

So now, Daniel is going to have to pick a replacement nominee. As usual, Daniel doesn’t really seem to have the slightest idea what he should do. He’s only been in the house for three days but it’s still remarkable how little Daniel seems to know about the other houseguests. Daniel was telling Taylor that he wasn’t sure if he should nominate a threat or if he should just nominate a pawn to make sure that Terrance goes home.

(Why is Daniel targeting Terrance? First off, Terrance has yet to really talk game with anyone so he has no allies. Plus, Daniel feels that Terrance is so likable that he could make it to the end on that alone.)

Paloma was talking to Indy and Alyssa after the veto and, according to Paloma, Daniel did not take losing the veto well. Apparently, he made some rude comment to Indy when he was eliminated from the comp. As a result, Paloma now wants to get Daniel out next week. It’ll be interesting to see if words of that gets back to Daniel because if it does, Paloma can still go up as a replacement nominee.

That said, I have a feeling that Taylor will be the replacement nominee, just because of how much the Girls Alliance dislikes her. I could see Daniel nominating her just because a lot of people order him to.

Either way, it still seems like the majority of the House is leaning towards voting out Terrance.

We’ll see what happens!

Lisa Marie

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