Big Brother 24 — I Hate Bullies

by Lisa Marie Bowman on July 10, 2022

I hate bullies.  I know that I’m not alone in that.

One of the unfortunate things about Big Brother is that it brings out the bullying aspects in some people.  Every season, there’s at least one bully.  Sometimes, they get voted out early.  Sometimes, like Paul, they dominate the season but then they lose when they face a jury of the people that they’ve mistreated.  And, sometimes, they win the game.

Paloma is a bully.  Really, almost the entire girl’s alliance is made up of bullies.  Not all of them are as mean as Paloma but, at the same time, none of them have been willing to step up and suggest that maybe there’s something weird about just how obsessed Paloma, Jasmin, and Alyssa are with tearing Taylor down.  As you saw on tonight’s episode, Paloma formed the all girl’s alliance specifically so they could force a girl out of the house.  Personally, I think it’s stupid to form any alliances on the first night but seriously, how do you start an all-girls alliance and then target a girl?

Despite Paloma’s best efforts, Daniel did not nominate Taylor for eviction.  He nominated Michael and Terrence.  However, Michael won the veto and will be taking himself off the block.  Originally, Daniel was leaning towards using Indy as a replacement.  But, earlier today, Monte told Paloma that Taylor had mentioned that Paloma wanted to get a guy out of the house this week, presumably him.  Technically, Taylor was telling the truth.  At the start of the week, Paloma did say that she wanted to get one of the guys out of the house.  However, Paloma is now telling people that Taylor is lying and Taylor can’t be trusted.

Daniel, meanwhile, is having one-on-one’s with people in the HoH room.  He’s been asking them who they want him to put up and he’s basically been saying that he’s either going to nominate Taylor or Indy.  Everyone is replying that they’d rather he nominate Taylor but, of course, Daniel is only giving them two options to choose from.  Pooch, meanwhile, is convinced that Taylor is going to throw a fit when she’s nominated and that they need to get her out earlier than later.  (As far as I can tell, nothing about Taylor’s demeanor suggests that she would blow up the house if nominated.)  But Pooch has been telling Daniel that, if he nominates Taylor, all of the guys will cover for him and say that they talked him into it.  So, that gives Daniel even more of an incentive to nominate Taylor instead of Indy.

Anyway, the long and the short if it is that Taylor is now pretty much isolated in the House and she’s probably going to go up on the block as the new target.  She knows it, too.  She overhead Alyssa and Paloma laughing about how she was going to be voted out this week.  (As I said, earlier, Paloma and Alyssa are just mean.)  However, there is also a twist coming up!

Now, originally, I misheard.  I thought that the three backstage girls were safe from being the initial nominees but they could go up as replacements.  But, as Taylor pointed out on tonight’s show, Julie said something far more intriguing.  The three girls cannot be nominated or used as a replacement but they can still go home.  Right now, viewers are being encouraged to vote for one of the three girls.  According to what was said tonight, one of the girls will be safe and the other will be in danger of going home.  So, I’m thinking that the girl who gets the most votes will be told that she got the most votes and is sfe and the girl who came in third will join Terrence and probably Taylor on the block.  Considering how unpopular Paloma is with a lot of fans, that would seem to indicate that there’s a good chance that Paloma could go on the block on eviction night.  That said, I don’t see the House voting out anyone other than Taylor at this point.

Or, perhaps more intriguingly, maybe the two girls who got the least amount of votes would then have to compete with the person evicted and whoever won the competition would be allowed to stay in the house, while the other two left.  If that happened and it was Taylor vs. Paloma vs. Alyssa, Taylor seems like she would have a fairly good chance of winning.

We’ll find out soon enough!

Lisa Marie

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