Big Brother 24 — Week 5 Veto Comp Results

by Lisa Marie Bowman on August 6, 2022

Hi, everyone!

The veto comp was held today.  Apparently, it was OTEV.  Daniel and Kyle were not even selected to play in the veto, which really upset Daniel because he knows he’s probably going to be the target this week.  After the veto draw, he even told Kyle that he was giving up and that he was prepared to go home.  But then later, Daniel talked to Terrence and tried to convince him that, if Daniel and Kyle do go up as replacement nominees, this would be the House’s only chance to get rid of Kyle.  So, Daniel might not be as ready to leave as he’s been saying.

Anyway, the veto was won by Michael and Brittany.  I imagine that Michael will end up using the veto because Michael has been telling Brittany about how much he distrusts Daniel.  We’ll find out for sure on Monday but, as of right now, it seems pretty certain that Daniel and Kyle will end going on the block and replacement nominees and, if that happens, Daniel will be sent out the door on Thursday.

As always, we’ll see what happens!

Lola Stinson August 7, 2022 at 7:04 pm

I hope Michael does backdoor Daniel, he is just as bad as Nichole

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