Big Brother 24 — Week 5 Nominations

by Lisa Marie Bowman on August 5, 2022

After Nicole was voted out last night, Michael won the HoH comp!  The means that Michael and Brittany are safe this week and, in theory, this should be another week where the Leftovers get out their target.

Michael made his nominations earlier today.  He selected Monte, Joseph, and Terrence to go on the block.  The plan is for one of those three to win the veto and use it.  Daniel and Kyle will then go up as replacements and Daniel will be voted out.  If Daniel wins the veto, Terrence will become the target.

There is a potential complication, though.  Kyle and Alyssa are now a serious couple.  (Last night, Indy got mad at them because they were making out while Indy was trying to sleep.)  Kyle is also starting to think about what’s going to happen in the House when there are only seven people left.  He’s concerned that Joseph, Taylor, and Monte are going to team up to take out himself, Michael, Brittany, and Turner.  Last night, Kyle told Michael and Brittany that they need to start making plans to get rid of either Monte or Joseph as soon as they can.

If Daniel wins the veto and Monte is still on the block, would Kyle decide to go after him?  Before the nomination ceremony, Alyssa told Jasmine and Indy that she thinks Monte is the biggest threat in the House and all three agreed to vote for him if he was on the block.  Would Kyle betray the Leftovers to join his girlfriend in voting to evict Monte?

It’s hard to say.  First, we have to see who wins the veto.  We’ll find that out tomorrow!

For now, what matters is that Michael’s HoH, Monte, Joseph, and Terrence are on the block, and Daniel is the ultimate target.

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