Big Brother 24 — The Premiere

by Lisa Marie Bowman on July 6, 2022


I just watched the premiere of Big Brother 24.  The houseguests entered the house, briefly met each other, and then competed to become the first HoH.  And I have to say that it was a pretty good premiere.  None of the houseguests seem to be excessively annoying.  The HoH comp went smoothly.  Even the Backstage Boss twist isn’t too terrible.

As far as the houseguests go, it’s a bit too early to say who will really be strong and who won’t.  I’m personally holding off on judging or picking a favorite until I get to see them on the live feeds.  Both Kyle and Turner seems like they might be a bit too hyperactive but some people might find that to be charming.  I think the only person who really did any harm to his game during the first competition was Pooch but it’s not his fault that he got stuck with the Backstage Boss ticket.

Anyway, for the record:

Our first HoH is Daniel, who is apparently this season’s quirky musician.  Daniel will be nominating two people for eviction.  Pooch is safe from being nominated because he got the Backstage Boss ticket.  That means that Pooch has immunity for the entire week but is also means that he can’t compete in any of the week’s competitions and he can’t vote on eviction night.  However, he can compete in the next HoH comp.

What sucks, for Pooch, is that he had to pick three houseguests to “come backstage.”  Those three houseguests cannot be nominated but they can be put up as replacement nominees after the veto ceremony.  And they can’t vote this week.  Pooch somewhat randomly selected Paloma, Brittany, and Alyssa.  None of them looked happy about being selected so Pooch is going to have to do some damage control.

The final twist, though, is that the viewers can now vote to make one of three safe for the entire week.  So, whoever wins the vote will be as safe as Pooch is.

That’s it for now!   The feeds go live after the show airs on the West Coast.

PattiGisme July 7, 2022 at 1:17 am

Personally, it’s a little too soon for me to vote for safety for any of the three girls. Like you said Lisa, we don’t really know much about their personalities until we see more of them (in the lives).
I did enjoy the different twist that Pooch got, and I thought he chose the girls the best way he could by picking the ones that lost first in each of the comps. Except for the Piercing Comp (that was random).
Happy that BB24 is here though!

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