Big Brother 24 — Oh yay, another all girl’s alliance

by Lisa Marie Bowman on July 7, 2022

Hi, everyone!

So, the first night is in the books.  I’m not sure when the nominations are going to be announced.  It’ll either be later today or tomorrow.  Daniel, the new HoH, doesn’t know either.  Apparently, he’s auditioned for Big Brother for ten years straight.  Being a superfan, you would think he would know better than to win the first HoH comp but, to be honest, Daniel seems to be kind of a space cadet.

Who Daniel is going to nominate is anyone’s guess.  Daniel did mention last night that Kyle, Terrence, and Nicole all made a good impression on him, so he probably won’t be nominating any of those three.  Pooch, Brittany, Alyssa, and Poloma are all safe from being nominated because they’re backstage, but the three girls can be put up as replacement nominees.

That leaves: Indy, Taylor, Jasmine, Ameerah, Joseph, Monte and Michael.  Taylor could be in trouble because Alyssa and Paloma cannot stand her.  They think that Taylor has an attitude because she was a beauty pageant contestant and they’ve been talking about getting all the other girls together and pitching her as the target to Daniel.

Finally, we have our first alliance.  Jasmine, Indy, Paloma, Ameerah, Alyssa, and Brittany have formed an all-girls alliance.  They’re going to try to duplicate what the Cookout did — i.e., each making side alliances while remaining loyal to the core alliance.  I doubt it’s going to work for them because the Cookout had two strong leaders in Xander and Tiffany and was also motivated by a desire to make history.  Whereas this all-girls alliance seems to mostly be motivated by cattiness.

I guess my point is that I refuse to get excited about any all-girls alliance that’s formed on the first night because I’ve seen this movie before.  This happens every season.  Everyone on twitter gets excited about it for a day and then the alliance inevitably falls apart before the first week ends.  This season could be different but I don’t really see that happening.

Anyway, if the nominations are today, I’ll post them here!

Lisa Marie

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