Big Brother 23 — Who Is Next?

by Lisa Marie Bowman on July 20, 2021

Hi, everyone!

So, to be honest, it’s been a fairly boring day in the Big Brother House. Frenchie and Brittini are on the block. The house is pretty much united when it comes to voting out Frenchie so it’s not as if there’s a lot of last-minute strategizing going on as far as the vote is concerned. Frenchie might get a sympathy vote from someone. Derek F. might throw in a random vote for Bittini just to make people nervous, like he did last week when he voted for Alyssa. But otherwise, there’s really no questions about who is going to leave on Thursday.

Instead, the question is more about who is going to be the next target and right now, it would appear to be that just about everyone is ready to go after Brent.

Brent has pretty much managed to alienate everyone in the house, just by being cocky and continually talking down to everyone. He’s spent most of today talking about how there’s an all-girls alliance and that, in order to even things out, two girls need to go on the block next week. (He’s specifically mentioned Azah and Birttini as his two choices.) For some reason, though, Brent decided to tell this to Hannah, Sarah Beth, and Whitney. Why would you tell three women that your entire strategy is to get all of the women out of the house!? HOW DOES THAT MAKE ANY SENSE!?

It makes sense to Brent, though, and it’s probably going to get him voted out if he doesn’t win HoH on Thursday. Now, to Brent’s credit, he does seem to know that he’s going to be nominated if he doesn’t win HoH. As he explained it to Alyssa, he thinks that the girls are going to come after him and Derek X. His plan, if he’s not HoH, is to try to convince the girls that he and Christian can win challenges for them if they allow the two of them to stay in the House. That approach worked with both Frenchie and Kyland but I’m not sure how many times Brent’s going to be able to escape being put on the block. His whole attitude has just rubbed too many people the wrong way.

So, come Thursday, it’s basically going to be Brent against the House. We’ll see what happens!

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