Big Brother — Week 2 Veto Meeting Results

by Lisa Marie Bowman on July 19, 2021

So, today was the veto meeting.

Just to refresh, here’s how the house stands:

Kyland is HoH.

Frenchie and Brittini are the nominees.

Frenchie is the target.

Derek X has the veto.

Before the meeting, Frenchie made a last ditch case to Kyland, asking Kyland to ask Derek X to use the veto not on him but instead on Brittini. Frenchie framed it as wanting to go out on the block with “another competitor” like Brent or Christian but it was obvious that Frenchie just wanted Kyland to replace Brittini with someone who he could campaign against. Frenchie knows that everyone like Brittini while Brent and Christian are viewed as being threats.

Kyland, however, was not persuaded. Derek X did not use the veto and the noms remained the same.

So, in other words, we’ve got another few days to go with the Frenchie pity party. If you thought Frenchie was erratic and emotions when he was HoH, that’s nothing compared to how he is on the block. He’s spent today telling everyone that he doesn’t care, just to then turn around and say that it’s an outrage and totally unfair. He’s all over the place and if he gets to Thursday without going off on someone, I’ll be surprised.

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