Big Brother 23 — Week 8 Veto Update

by Lisa Marie Bowman on August 29, 2021

Hi, everyone!

So, here’s just a quick update as to what’s happening in the House. Yesterday, they played for the veto and Hannah finally won something! Hannah is now the veto holder and, as a result, she has a big decision to make. Does she keep the nominations the same or does she use the veto on Xavier?

Why is this a big decision? Basically, it comes down to the fact that the rest of the Cookout doesn’t really trust Kyland and Kyland isn’t quite sure that he trusts the rest of the Cookout. Hannah knows that if she used the veto on Xavier, Kyland will resent the fact that she didn’t use it on him and that he might start thinking that he’s on the outside of his alliance. Kyland does have a habit of overanalyzing things.

However, the Cookout is not totally sure that Kyland won’t go against them and vote to keep Sarah Beth. So, they want to keep him on the block so that there won’t be any risk of their plan getting messed up. They’re also know that Claire is the new HoH, having won the Coin of Destiny. If there was somehow a tie vote, it would be up to Claire to decide who to send home and Hannah says that she’s worried that she would pick Xavier.

The thing is — considering who is voting and who is allied with who, I really don’t see any way that this week’s vote could end in a tie. I think Hannah just wants to save Xavier and she’s overthinking ways to justify it so no one figures out that she’s in an alliance with Xavier. But again, that makes no sense because there’s only three people left in the House who aren’t in the main alliance so, even if they did find out about it, there’s nothing they could really do about it.

Anyway, my guess is that Hannah will use the veto on Xavier and Sarah Beth will be voted out on Thursday.

The veto meting is tomorrow!

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