Big Brother 23 — Veto Meeting Update For Week 8

by Lisa Marie Bowman on August 30, 2021

Earlier today, the veto meeting was held. Hannah, having won the veto, chose to use to the veto to take Xavier off of the block. Since Xavier was only on the block due to a punishment he received during last week’s veto challenge, no replacement nominee was selected. Kyland and Sarah Beth are still on the block and Sarah Beth is still the target. With the Cookout firmly holding a majority and Alyssa as the only non-Cookout member who gets to vote this week, Sarah Beth basically has no chance of staying.

(It also means that all of the twists and little punishments this season have not changed the game one bit.)

So now, the question is who goes next week. Obviously, the target will either by Alyssa or Claire, seeing as how they’re going to be the last two non-Cookout houseguests. (Because of the Coin of Destiny and the new HoH twist, Claire is not eligible to compete for HoH next week. Alyssa is but, even if she wins, she’ll just do what Xavier tells her to do and she’ll end up nominating Claire.) Derek F. says that he’s willing to toss both of them on the block at the same time if he wins HoH (but Derek also says that he might throw the competition, just like he usually does). Kyland thinks that it makes more sense to nominate another cookout member as a pawn, just in case the veto gets used.

Kyland and Xavier are currently pretty angry with eachother. Kyland is upset that Xavier was taken off the block, instead of him. Meanwhile, Xavier is angry that Kyland is angry. It all comes down to the fact that both of them want to be the leader of the Cookout and neither one totally trusts the other. I’m sure some of the trouble comes from the fact that Xavier has spent a lot of time complaining about Kyland being too close to Sarah Beth while ignoring the fact that Xaver is pretty close to Alyssa.

My personal hope, right now, is that the Hannah and Azah will finally start to make some big moves and basically, blindside every other member of the Cookout.

We’ll see what happens. As of right now, though, be prepared to say goodbye to Sarah Beth on Thursday.

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