Big Brother 23 — Week 6 Veto Comp Results

by Lisa Marie Bowman on August 15, 2021

Yesterday’s veto comp featured a twist that I don’t think they’ve ever before tried on Big Brother. First, there was the regular veto competition, which featured Claire, Derek F., Kyland, Azah, Brittini, and Alyssa as competition. Then, there was a second competition, in which the the competitors placed their bets on who they thought would win. I think the rule was that they could bet on anyone competing other than themselves.

The veto competition itself was won by Alyssa, who was viewed as being a potential backdoor target this week. And, because he bet on her to win, Kyland won the second veto! So, there are now two vetoes that might be played during tomorrow’s veto ceremony. If one of those vetoes is used, Alyssa cannot be put up as a replacement nominee.

“Okay, let’s go!” to quote both Kaycee and Brittini. And indeed, it appears that Brittini may indeed be going because, whether it’s Alyssa who uses the veto or Kyland, Kyland wants to backdoor Brittini and get her out of the house. Kyland has never trusted Brittini and apparently, Brittini did really well in the earlier High Rollers game, which has led to everyone else viewing her as being a threat.

So, one way or the other, it appears that this week will be the week that Brittini gets backdoored.

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