Big Brother 23 — Week 6 Veto Meeting

by Lisa Marie Bowman on August 16, 2021

The veto meeting was held today. There were two vetoes in play, one which was held by Kyland and the other which was held by Alyssa.

Before the veto meeting, Kyland told Derek F that he was planning on using it to take Claire off the block and backdoor Brittini. Derek was not happy about this because he was hoping that Kyland would use the veto on him and that it would be Brittini and Claire sitting in the chairs on Thursday night. Even though Derek F. is the one who volunteered to be a pawn, he’s now scared that people are actually going to vote for him. He’s particularly worried about Azah, who is close to Brittini. And while I certainly can’t fault Derek for being concerned, he actually ended up getting a bit whiny by the time his meeting with Kyland ended. I found myself kind of hoping the House would vote him out just so I wouldn’t have to listen to him cry anymore.

Kyland was not moved by Derek F’s paranoia. At the veto meeting, he took Claire down and nominated Brittini. Alyssa decided not to use her veto.

So, the nominees are now Derek F. and Brittini and even though Derek F. is still trying to convince everyone that he was nominated because he and Kyland got into a fight, everyone pretty much understands that Brittini is the target. Brittini needless to say is not happy.

After the veto meeting, Brittini went up to the HoH room and had a conversation with Kyland. Kyland lied to Brittini and told her that he was “indifferent” about who the House decided to vote out. When Brittini mentioned that she would be campaigning to stay, Kyland told her not to say a negative word about him while she was campaigning or he would be forced to tell people to vote to evict her. However, Kyland is already telling people to vote out Brittini so he’s being a bit of hypocrite. Brittini, for her part, was not amused and she is now telling everyone that if she stays, she’ll be going after Kyland.

And who knows? It might work in her favor. Kyland has alienated a lot of people in the House and even his allies in the Cookout feel that he cares more about Sarah Beth than his alliance with them. Kyland might overplay his hand this week. Of course, Brittini has alienated a lot of people as well so who knows.

We’ll see what happens!

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