Big Brother 23 — Week 4 Nominations

by Lisa Marie Bowman on July 30, 2021

Today, the Houseguests not only competed in what I assume will be the final wildcard comp of the season but Christian also announced his nominees for eviction.

The wildcard was won by Claire. Claire was never really considered as a possible target this week so, once again, the wildcard turned out to be kind of pointless.

As for the nominees, Christian nominated Whitney and Hannah for eviction. Both of them are upset about it, though Whitney is being far more vocal about it. After making the nominations, Christian told the other members of the Kings that he really doesn’t care who goes this week. His assumption is that whoever doesn’t go this week will be probably go next week. After talking it over with his team, he said that he’d prefer to see Whitney go but that he wouldn’t be upset if they voted out Hannah instead.

The majority of the House seems to be planning on voting for Whitney and they’re trying to pull the same thing with her that they did with Brent — ie., telling her that she’s just a pawn and suggesting that this is all just a part of a scheme to backdoor Derek X. Whitney, however, is not as dumb as Brent and she knows that she’s the target.

After the nominations, Whitney talked to Christian and told him that Kyland was the biggest threat in the House and that’s who he should be worrying about. We’ll see if that changes any of Christian’s plans.

Veto comp is tomorrow and, this week, it actually means something. As of right now, Whitney’s the target but, unlike Frenchie and Brent, it still seems like there’s a chance that she can save herself.

Tim August 5, 2021 at 10:40 pm

This is the first time I’ve seen BB take a racial stance! Not to add, they aren’t even hiding it. “The Cook out”!?! Seriously? If all the white people in the house made a “White Cook out” group, people would be screaming “racist” right off the bat. BB would have to step in, and not allow it to happen. Since it swings the other way, it’s okay, BB?? No it’s not! You’ve coward just like other shows that have no backbone, and allowed it to turn into a race issue. Never has there been a white alliance to target black people. After tonight’s episode, I will not watch Big Brother any longer! You may be surprised by how many others feel the same. It shouldn’t have anything to do with race!! Clearly the people in the Cook Out, are all about it being a race thing. Even against their own team mates that are white. Shame on you BB.

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Tim August 5, 2021 at 10:47 pm

They are. Their move is, for the Cook Out to get all white peoples out. Could it be anymore obvious? Would be a large uproar, if the situation were reversed. Sad sad sad. This is my last time watching BB.

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