Big Brother 23 — Week 4 Veto Comp Results

by Lisa Marie Bowman on July 31, 2021

They had the veto competition today and the veto was won by ….

Head of Household Christian!

What does that mean? Well, for this week, it means that the nominations are going to remain the same. We are four weeks in and the veto has only been used once. Also, only two people have won the veto — Derek X and Christian. The house has settled on Whitney as the target. Whitney didn’t help herself by telling a lot of people that, if she is going to get voted out, she’d rather get voted out now than after the jury starts. So now, she’s not only on the block but she’s also given everyone an excuse that they can use to justify voting to evict her.

One thing that everyone is now suddenly realizing is that the Kings — Christian, Xavier, Alyssa, and Sarah Beth — are the only team to have not lost a member. As a result, there’s a lot of talk amongst the members of the Cookout about needing to target the Kings next week. Right now, it sounds like they’re thinking that Sarah Beth needs to be the next to go.

As of right now, though, everyone seems to be in agreement that Whitney is the one going this week.

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