Big Brother 23 — Veto Update

by Lisa Marie Bowman on August 8, 2021

Okay, let’s get everything updated!

Now, when last I posted, Derek X has just nominated Sarah Beth and Brittini for eviction, with his plan being to use the veto to backdoor Christian.

Yesterday, the houseguests competed for the veto. It was the competition where everyone got a prize and then they could switch prizes with the other houseguests. Sarah Beth ended up with choosing to take the cash prize rather than the veto. Though Derek X and the members of the Cookout have all been talking about how stupid it was for Sarah Beth to do that, Sarah Beth’s logic was that, if she picked the veto, someone else would just take it from her and this way, she was guaranteed to at least have some sort of reward for her time in the House. Also, her birthday is on Thursday (which is also eviction night) and she didn’t want to run the risk of getting a punishment and having to leave the house in a stupid costume on her birthday. I really can’t blame her.

Instead, Brittini ended up winning the veto! Needless to say, Brittini is going to use the veto to take herself off the block, which will give Derek X his chance to put Christian up as a replacement nominee. His plan is to get Christian out of the House and, as he’s told Hannah, it better work because Christian will definitely be coming for revenge if he somehow survives the vote.

However, Derek X’s could be in trouble because Tiffany and Derek F. have both decided that Sarah Beth is too close to Kyland and they would rather vote her out. If they can convince the other members of the Cookout to go against the HoH’s wishes, that could be trouble for Sarah Beth.

Tiffany has had it out for Sarah Beth since the season began, saying that she finds Sarah Beth to be fake. Before the veto, she even told Derek F. that she thinks that Sarah Beth is lying about being a members of the LGBT community and that Sarah Beth’s girlfriend, Shelley, doesn’t actually exist. (For the record, Shelley does exist.) Tiffany went on to spin a wild theory that Sarah Beth and Kyland know each other outside of the house and that the only reason why Sarah Beth keeps saying that she wants to make it to jury is because Kyland and Sarah Beth are a part of team twist and will get a special cash bonus is they both make it through the first half of the game. None of this is true but Tiffany is convinced that it is and Derek F., unless he’s a very good actor and was just humoring her, seems to agree.

So, Sarah Beth might be in some trouble this week. And that’s unfortunate because Sarah Beth is one of the more interesting people in the House.

The veto meeting is tomorrow! We’ll see what happens!


P.S. The sinus infection that knocked me out over the past week seems to be pretty much over so, this upcoming week, regular posting should resume!

ginny August 8, 2021 at 10:02 pm

I really like Christian and am rooting for him. I don’t care for to many of the others. Don’t care for this group boring.

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Joseph August 9, 2021 at 12:44 am

Tiffany needs to go

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