Big Brother 23 — Week 5 Nominations

by Lisa Marie Bowman on August 6, 2021

Hi, everyone!

Again, I hope you will accept my apologies. Under normal circumstances, being sick sucks. Being sick during Big Brother sucks even more! Fortunately, I’m on the mend so next week, posting should be back to normal.

So, just to get everything updated.

On Thursday, Whitney was voted out. It was a unanimous vote. Julie announced to the houseguests that the team twist was over and that everyone was now playing as an individual. That meant no more immunity and no more wild card comps.

The HoH comp was the first endurance competition of the season and Derek X won. Derek X is now HoH.

For some reason, Derek X is obsessed with getting out a member of the Kings team. They were the only team to not lose anyone during the previous four weeks and Derek X’s mantra has been that a king has to go. But why? The team twist is over! No one was taking the team twist that seriously to begin with. Derek X’s logic escapes me.

Derek X spent a lot of time today talking to people about who he should nominate. He really overthought things. In fact, he ran through so many scenarios that I’m not really sure what the ultimate plan is. But, when it came time to make his nominations, he put up:

Sarah Beth



This is Brittini’s third time on the block and once again, she’d been assured that she’s just a pawn. In fact, Derek X assured her that they’re going to make Sarah Beth so sure that Brittini is leaving that Sarah Beth won’t campaign. Basically, it’s the same thing they did to Brent but Sarah Beth isn’t an idiot and it’s not like she’s not going to remember the exact same thing happening two weeks ago!

However, Derek X has also said that he wants to get Christian out of the house so this could actually all just be a plot to backdoor Christian. I can understand the logic of backdooring Christian as the man has proven himself to be a veto beast. Christian, for his part, is pretty sure that this is all a plot to backdoor him so he’ll definitely be looking to play in the veto and keep himself safe.

The veto’s tomorrow! We’ll see what happen!

Lisa Marie

Joseph August 7, 2021 at 1:44 am

These are the very worse players ever.

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Sandif2009 August 7, 2021 at 6:14 am

Feel better Lisa Marie

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