Big Brother 23 –Pity Party

by Lisa Marie Bowman on July 18, 2021

Yesterday, we had the veto comp. Tomorrow, we have the veto meeting.

Today, we’ve got the pity party.

Oh, how Frenchie is making everyone feel guilty about their plans to vote him out! When he was first nominated, Frenchie told everyone that 1) there were going to be fireworks because he could blow up everyone’s secret alliances (even though the only secret alliances were made by him) and 2) that the only reason he was playing the game was to raise money for a children’s hospital. So, by voting him out, the houseguests were basically robbing a children’s hospital. WAY TO GO, KYLAND!

After Derek X won the veto and it became clear that he wasn’t planning on using it, Frenchie told everyone that he wasn’t mad and that he understood and that he just wanted everyone to relax and be happy during his final days in the House. He said he was at peace with it all. He did ask that everyone refrain from leaving him mean goodbye messages because his kids are going to be watching.

(Personally, I hate mean goodbye messages so I think Frenchie had every right to make that request. If I was a houseguest, I might be offended that Frenchie apparently assumed I would be that petty.)

Then, later in the night, Frenchie announced that he was just going to self-evict and then he disappeared into the diary room for hours!

Well, it’s a new day and Frenchie has not self-evicted. He either changed his mind or he was talked out of doing it. Regardless, a lot of people have been talking about how they feel bad about voting out Frenchie. Kyland actually let it be known that he was tired of Derek F. talking about how bad he felt for Frenchie. That’s not going to be enough to change Derek F.’s vote but it has been enough to make things a bit awkward between Derek and Kyland.

Still, Derek X has remained firm and he’s repeated to anyone who has asked that he’s not going to use the veto. We’ll see if that’s true tomorrow. We’ll also see if Frenchie sticks with his pledge to not start any drama in the house during his final days.

Ja Renee' July 18, 2021 at 8:57 pm

Does anyone know if “Big Brother After Dark” is on late @ night ? I haven’t heard Julie mention it & not sure what station it would be on. I think it was on POP the past few years.

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KustardPie July 19, 2021 at 12:53 pm

Normally this early in the season I don’t care who gets voted out, usually I haven’t formed an opinion about the HGs. However this season, I have formed an opinion about ONE of the HGs and that is Frenchie. My opinion is that he is paraniod, suffers from ADD and is a very disruptive influence (not in a good Dr Will way) to the entire house and needs to go ASAP. If he self evicts before Thursday, thats even better.

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