Big Brother 22 — Week 10 Veto Comp

by Lisa Marie Bowman on October 10, 2020

Hi, everyone.

The veto comp was earlier today. It was BB comics and Nicole won. Nicole won the last time she competed in BB comics as well. Apparently, she was able to do it even quicker this time than the previous time she won so, needless to say, Nicole is currently feeling pretty proud of herself.

Anyway, I expected the nominations will remain the same. Unless Nicole suddenly decides that she really wants to blindside Enzo and Cody, Christmas and Memphis will remain on the block. Nicole has firmly decided that Memphis is the one who she wants out so now, it’s really just a question of whether or not Enzo and Cody go along with her plan. As of right now, it sounds like they’re planning to and Memphis will be going to jury on Thursday. Memphis doesn’t realize it yet, though. He’s still pretty confident that Cody and Enzo are going to have his back.

We’ll see what happens,

Lisa Marie

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